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Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar"

modular gjgActual dates:

Module 1 - 11.03.17
Module 2 - 12.03.17
Module 3 - 22.04.17
Module 4 - 23.04.17
Module 5 - 13.05.17
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With his new concept "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Bertino Rodman has completely changed and re-structured his previous workshop "Masterclass for Gypsyjazzguitar".

Inspired by the demands for follow-up classes of many participants and of his experience from previous workshops, the concept of his workshops have been changed into a new learning-system with 5 different closed-up modules, containing different skills and contents.

This new Masterclass-concept is interesting for beginners of the style of Gypsyjazz/Jazz-Manouche, who would enter the workshop at Module 1 and run thru the whole Workshop, as well as advanced players of the style which could jump into entering at any certain level according to their own skills and interest.

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