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Django Memorial Festival & HotClubNews e.V. canceled

django augsburg2010klEversince the last 25 years the "Django Memorial Festival" of the HotClubNews e.V. took place and now - it will be canceled forever!

The more the Hotclubnews-Association will be split up and the website www.hotclubnews.de soon be canceled as well. The exact reasons are only guessable as there has not been a dedicated statement of the association ...  but rumors go around that there has been a deviding struggle amongst the members of the association and/or maybe even financial reasons were the reason. Maybe even both.

Despite all the criticism which in many ways quite often rightly applied to the organizers and leaders of the association, this is nevertheless a severe loss for the gypsy-jazz scene in Germany.
In the last few years a number of new festivals in the field of jazz-manouche/Gypsy-Jazz in germany have been established, but nevertheless the "Django Memorial" located in Augsburg has still become almost an institution, an important meeting place for many fans and musicians of this music, a close interface between the audience and the players.
brady winterstein 2016 kopiefapy3Bireli2

Legendary aftershow-Sessions with top musicians from all over the world took place within the first years of the festival, sometime until the break of dawn. And lengendary shows of worldclass musicians of the genre like the Rosenberg Trio, Romane, Fapy Lafertin, Wawau Adler, Andreas Öberg, Selmer #607, Gismo Graf, Bireli Lagrene, Gonzalo Bergara a.m.m. made the programmation of the "Django Memorial Festivals" to something very special all the time over the last 25 years. Now it´s finished for good...

AndreasOberg3gismo joellocherEven more sad is the time for the cancelation cause  the festival was just recovering a bit from a few years of decline in number of visitors to both the audience as well as the number of represented musicians in the guitar exhibitions as well as in the sessions.

Another important location of jazz-manouche in Germany unfortunately has been burried. What a pity!

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