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New CD: "Geronimo" by Nitcho Reinhardt Trio

cd geronimo nitcho reinhardtThe new CD of the "Nitcho Reinhardt Trio" is available just now.

Nitcho Reinhardt, a young french tribe of the famous Reinhardt Dynasty, presents his 3 solo CD with the new Album "Geronimo" with his Trio.

nitcho reinhardt
The Trio around Nitcho presents 13 tunes on the Album, including many originals also composed by Thierry Chanteloup the bassplayer as well as by Benji Winterstein Rhtyhm-Guitarrist of the Band. Only two cover tunes by Django Reinhardt (Minor Swing) and Duke Ellington (Caravan) instead.

The bandset of the Trio: Nitcho Reinhardt (Git), Benji Winterstein (RythmGit) and Thierry Chanteloup (Bass).

trio nitcho mai 2018
The CD is available on the Website of the Trio:
as Download or ordered as CD the price is 18.-€ inside the EU.

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