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CD-Review: Gypsy Today - Stochelo Rosenberg & Jermaine Landsberger

gypsytoday srosenberg jlandsberger klA new CD arrived us yesterday which has been recorded already in 2015 but just released in this year 2020:

"Gypsy today" by Stochelo Rosenberg & Jermaine Landsberger feat. Didier Lockwood.

Especially to mention is Dider Lockwood (Viol.) who passed away in 2019. But also a phantastic Lineup with the following guest musicians: Daryl Hall (Double Bass), Joel Locher (Double Bass), André Cecarelli (Drums), Sebastian de Krom (Drums), Schenemann Krause (Ryhthm Git.).

The CD contains 11 Tunes in a great mix of Originals by Stochelo Rosenberg (Made for Isaak, Double Jeu, Memories of Bridget) and Jermaine Landsberger (Ballade pour Didier, Gypsy Today, The Bebop Gypsy). a couple of Songs by Django Reinhardt (Double Scotch, Anouman) and some Jazzstandards.

These outstanding musicians proove their great Names on this CD! "Gypsy today" is not only the Title but absolutely Program. The musicians swing and jazz beein real fun to listen to. Not really the right stuff for fans of the classical Gypsysound a la "Quintette du Hotclub de France", but the more for any modern Jazzfan!

Stochelo Rosenberg on guitar prooves well why he is considered to the worldclass elite of Gypsyjazz. He plays absolutely modern, innovative and fresh in his Ideas, such as maybe Django Reinhardt would have been playing like, would he be still alife. But without neglecting his  Gypsyroots, that are swinging with it in every lick he plays.

Jermaine Landsberger without any doubt, belongs to the best Jazz-Pianists that our country has to offer actually, incredible in his Verve, his Swing and tight precision that he rushes over his keys. But he also knows how to play with pure feeling, and how much...

"Ballade pour Didier" and "Memories of Bridget" are phantastic examples how both musicians proove what great musicians they are. Deepness and feeling, silence and expression: one cant expect more of music wich is offerd here-in.

On "Gypsy today" and The Bebop Gypsy" they all proove their ability and creativity at incredible speed. The whole CD swings like mad and you can hear the fun they all had playing on the recordings. Didier Lockwood on Violin is beyond any doubt, Joel Locher on Bass prooves once more why he belongs to the world-elite of wanted Jazz-Bassplayers. But also all other musicians serve a gground solid action producing this together groove.

Stochelo Rosenberg says of the CD and his play once more, that he always wanted to play that  kind of modern and Jermaine Landsberger offered him this opportunity in the collaboration. And one can hear how comfortable he felt doing it. At some parts one may be remined to some of Django´s last recordings with the "Guitars unlimited" - very modern and innovative and still"pure Gypsy".

Summary: All in all "Gypsy today" is a phantastic new CD, which leaves no wihes open: Swing, Jazz, Verve, Improvisation, fun of play, innovation - a pure treat for any Jazzfan! Our tipp of the month! *****

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