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CD-Review: Wawau Adler - Happy birthday Django 110

Since a long time Joseph "Wawau" Adler is well known In the Gypsyjazz- and Jazzszene. As he already released a couple of CDs such as "Back to the roots" (2007), "Songs for Guitar and Bass" (2009), "Here’s to Django" (2010) and now for the 100th years jubilee of Django Reinhardt he releases "Happy birthday Django 110" (2020).

wawau adler happy birthday django 110Wawau Adler is internationally known as an outstanding Jazz guitarist. Though enrooted in Jazz Manouche / Gipsy Swing, Wauwau is also an expert in all other styles of modern jazz. In his exceptional 40 years career he played reams of concerts in Germany, Europe, Canada and the USA.

On "Happy birthday Django 110" Wawau shows impressively why he is an internationally well known and respected musician.

His Interpretations of typical Songs in the original Style of Django Reinhardt once more show his deep entrootement in the Jazz-Manouche. And once more he prooves impressively how deep he has been studying Django Reinhardt, the big idol of so many Guitarrists. On this CD Wawau plays very close to the Original, supported by the great sound of his wonderful Selmer-Guitar it also sound like it. Nevertheless Wawau has over the years found his very own voice in the style, beeing identifyable immediately through his way of playing if one knows him.

Apart from all that the CD has been recording with just one microphone, just as the original recordings of the Hotclub de France.
The CD contains 13 tunes from the original typical Gypsy-Repertoire, Songs like "Twelfth year", "I love you for sentimental reasons", "My Blue heaven", "How high the moon" or "Duke and Dukie" belongt to it the same as Jazz-classics like "The man i love", Melody au crepuscule" or "Django´s Tiger".

Its a wonderful CD that every Fan of the style will like. Hono Winterstein on Rhythmguitar, Joel Locher on Bass and Alexandre Cavaliere on Violin complete the original Sound, that only differs from the originals by the "cleanness" of the recordings. Would there be some hiss and cracling in the background, like with old  Schellack- or Vinyl-records the sound would be perfect. Anyway nothing to moan from a musical standpoint.

This CD is a must for every Fan of the original "Quitentette du Hotclub de France"-Sound and Style.
Summary: Tipp to buy ****

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