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What music does to our brain (Part 2)

How music benefits your brain
Our first and very interesting article "What music does to our brain... (Part 1)" now again is underpinned and extended with more very interesting and newest knowledge from lastest Brain-science:

Music, while listening to it, generates a huge number of activities inside our brain, to
"make music" nevertheless. The brain is lighted up at all areas of the brain almost with full fireworks...

The scientists found out that musicians who play music have a substantially stronger developed structure of synapses inside the brain than people which do not play any instruments or just listen to few music.
This refers not only on the real regions of the brain which are necessary for generating of the music, the cognitive and abstract abilities, but enclose the whole range of the control of the human brain, like control of the motor activity, reminiscent centre, feeling centre a.m.m.

Anita Collins, professor for Music and Arts Education in the University of Canberra, in addition a video which illustrates the cognitive performances of the brain during the Spielens of an instrument wrote as their result: to play an instrument, for the brain is comparable like a workout for the body.

Besides, the newest researches in the area of music and processing show a direct connection to the memory functions. To play music strengthens your memory  – thus develops new abilities. Coached musicians provide, encode and recall memories much faster, than others which play no instrument.

For the explanation of that knowledge professor Anita Collins has put down all infos into a short film, with animations of Sharon Colman Graham, where she tries to explain and make clear what happens exactly:

(Source: http://ed.ted.com)

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