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New CD: Guttenberger Brothers - #One

guttenberger oneThe Debut-Album of the "Guttenberger Brothers" with the Title "#One" has just been released as another new CD-Release in the JazzManouche/Swing-Genre.

On their first Album the two brothers Knebo (Voc. and Rhythm.Git.) and Mano (Solo.Git.) Guttenberger present 12 Songs with a blend Mix out of Swing, Jazz and Jazzmanouche together with Branko Arnsek on Bass and Christoph Raff on Drums as well as Frank Eberle on Piano.

Included are some Jazz-Standards with own Interpretations as for example "There´ll never be another you" by H. Warren or "I wish you love" by Ch. Trenet, as well as 5 original compositions by B. Arnsek. With the only song by Django Reinhardt "Artillerie Lourde" the Guttenberger brothers and their fellow musicians also show very impressive that they know this part of JazzManouche virtuosly the same.

The Album has been produced with a good sound. All  Intrumentalparts have been played with great Virtuosity and Verve. Outstanding is the wonderful voice of Knebo Guttenberger who presents the Songs with some humoristic lyrics in german and english with great feeling. Mano Guttenberger on Sologuitar plays his Parts with used precesion and passionate, always a great experience to hear. But also the other musicians are playing their parts with great Verve.

To me outstanding on the album is the instrumental original composition "Hart & Herzlich" or the very nice and smooth interpreted "I wish you love", as in general the songs with english lyrics.

The album is a must for all fans of Swing(Jazz) with vocals, but also a tipp for those who like Jazz spiced up with nice vocals.
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