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GEMA dissuces the reformation of the german copyright in europe

gemaIn 2016 the announced reformation of the german and european copyright is waving its shadows ahead. The GEMA-CEO is discussing central aspects of this reformation with EU-commissiare Günther Oettinger. The CEO of GEMA appeals to the representitives of the European Parlament, to take care for a fair payment of all creatives in europe.

In October the European Commission has released their workprogram for 2016. According to these papers there should be a modernizing of the german and european copyright-law in serveral steps.

At the end of 2015 first step will be the first proposals for improvement of the so called "portability of Online-services". The proposal for the reformation of the european copyright should thus follow in early 2016.

The basic issue of discussion with EU-commissaire G. Oettinger has been the central question, how creators in europe could in future participate better from the digital creation of value. EU-commissaire G. Oettinger stated multiply in public the need to create european regulations to strenghten the rights of creators in europe and thus more strongly to hand over the responsability to Online-Plattforms.

GEMA is beeing part on EU-consultations for copyright

The german GEMA has also taken part of the EU-consultations for the review of the cable- and Satelliteguideline as of the role and responsability of Online-Plattforms. For both of these consultations the GEMA has offered detailed ideas, of how the payment situation of creators and writers Online could be improved. The results of the consultations should influence the decisions of the EU-commission for modernizing the copyright in europe.

Lets all hope for an improvement for all of us musicians and creatiors of music, so a better and more fair payment of our work and exploitatian rights is on the way. Regrettably this may pulled into doubt, as in former desicions on EU-basis many of those desicions were influenced by the strongly acting Lobbys in Brussels, but there are none of those for musicians in europe.
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