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New CD: Sandro Roy - Where i come from

sandro royVisitors of the "Django Reinhardt Memorial" Festival in Augsburg / Germany already know Sandro Roy since some years, did he already play with greats like Martin Taylor or Bireli Lagrene. And already at his young age did he inspire and gain interest of many visitors as musicians the same at many Jam-Sessions at night.

Now Sandro Roy has released his first Solo-CD and one can say: already this one is a little masterpiece!

sandroroj where i come fromContaining 13 songs, the young 20 year old Sandro Roy presents a blend mix out of original compositions (J.L. Swing), Jazz-Titels by Miles Davis, Trad Jones or Phillip Braham, classical interpretations like "Zigeunerweisen" (by P. Sarasante), "Caprice Vienois" (F. Kreisler) or "Banjo and Fiddle" by W. Kroll - a great mix that shows his full talent and all of his musicality.

Jazz, Swing, classic, Samba/Bossa or Modern - Sandro Roy knows how to play all the musical history and presenting them with highest precision and fun. You dig every note he is playing, feeling that there is playing a real musician with all of his heart and feel.

For sure this cd will not be his last, but surely yet it is one oif his best!

Here we present some extraits of Sandro´s website about him and the new cd, written so well that one can´t do it better, that why we like to print it here:

"Faced with a sheer never-ending flood of new releases, it’s rare enough when a musician is discovered who not only attracts attention but promptly leaves you speechless.

Wreathing him in the trappings of a prodigy myth wouldn’t do justice to describing this 20-year-old’s capabilities because, alongside an astonishing sense of musicality, what captivates the most about this violinist is a seldom seen ‘universalness‛.

Whether violin concerts by Bach or Glasunov, Sarasate’s “Gypsy Melodies”, Viennese ditties by Kreisler or jazz standards like “Tune Up” by Miles Davis, Sandro Roy carries himself with an aplomb that more than matches the task:

He crafts these templates to create something all his own.

Though it won’t take any time at all for able critics and audiences to show their appreciation for the way he plays live when he hits the concert-hall stages touring for his debut album entitled Where I Come From, first a few facts to match the title:

The son of a family of musicians from Augsburg, Germany, he received his first violin lesson at the age of 7. At 13 he was a national prizewinner in the German Jugend musiziert competitions, followed by master courses in Salzburg, Bern and Lichtenberg, classic training in Munich, appearances with orchestras there and in Augsburg, in  2011 the recipient of a special prize from the city of Augsburg promoting the arts.

The versatility of his development as an artist, now comprehensively documented for the first time on his album premiere, makes him the right man for a concert-hall, festival-stage or jazz-club venue. His respect and love toward musical traditions blend with an ability to fill them with new life."

We wish Sandro all the luck and a great success with his new album!
Our Tipp of the month: *****

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