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New CD: Martin Weiss Family - Spirit

News from Martin Weiss the great and gifted Sinti-violinist and guitarrist: together with his Band and the members of his Family he produced and relased a wonderful new CD: Martin Weiss Family - Spirit

martinweissfamilyspiritAnd really this CD has Spirit, because the listener feels that all musicians are great and virtuos players that have injected ther heart into playing wonderful music, producing a great album which becomes a real listening pleasure for every music enthusiast.

Together with Martin Weiss on Violin and Guitar are playing Gigi Reinhardt on Guitar, Manolito Steinbach Guitar, Romani Weiss  Guitar, Janko Lauenburger Guitar, Karl Schloz Guitar, André Loos on Bass, Hans Lauenberger also on Bass, Andreas Wirth on Drums and Martins wife Carmen Hey on Accordeon/Vocals.

Together they created a great and wonderful album, possible to order only on their Bandwebsite. Our Tipp: absolutely  reccomendable!

Here is a little glimbse to listen and enjoy:

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