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Stochelo Rosenberg - Endorsement Partner at www.manouchepicks.com

Stochelo Rosenberg is now official Endorser with www.manouchepicks.com/

stochelo jmpicks
Jokko Descendre Pickmaker from Netherlands is a very active Maker of Guitar-Picks and meanwhile specialized in making high class (Gypsy-)Jazzpicks.

 model stochelo jmpicksHis Picks meanwhi9le get played by many of the great and well known Players in the Gypsyjazz-Scene.

Right now Stochelo and Nous´che Rosenberg, Kussi Weiss, Mogeli Geisler, Samson Schmitt, Romino Grunholz are official Partners of Manouchepicks.com.

The Picks are avialable in different materials and are priced between 15,- 17,50 and 25.- €

More Infos and orders on the Website of Jokko

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