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Selmer #607: preparation for new CD - fund raising

selmer607 3 album
Great News for one of the most outstanding Jazz-Manouche-Formations "Selmer #607": the new CD is in preparation!

The long awaited 3rd Album of this great band is actually beeing recorded and mixed and will be available aproximately next spring 2017.

Well known names that have been participating at the foremost CDs are again taking part in the rennomated setup:
Adrien Moignard, Noé Reinhardt, Sébastien Giniaux, Rocky Gresset and this time the young talented guest Antoine Boyer.

selmer607 neuThe rhythm-guitars starring 2 of the best french rhythmplayers available: David Gastine and Ghali Hadefi. On doublebass Jérémie Arranger and William Brunard.

The CD is recorded at LDC-Studios in Paris starring André Baille-Barrelle as engeneer.

Also the band is trying to find new ways of financing the cost for the CD-recordings and production by asking interested fans and supporters of the band for their donation. On the website https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/selmer-607-jazz-manouche you may place your donation for supporting the band.
But this is not only to be done as a donation solely, but as well you will receive a refund by the group for saying "thank you" depending on the amount of donation: there are prices for every kind of donation starting from a single digital download of the new album (for a 10.-€ donation), participation at a masterclass of one of the players of the project (donation starting from 100.-€), or even a private concert as a trio (from 1000.-€) or as Quintette (from 1.500.-€ donations) in a Location (at home or ...).

More Infos and donations on the Website https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/selmer-607-jazz-manouche
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