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GEMA claims participation with ZEBRALUTION

gema zebraThe german GEMA is always looking for new fields of business and trying to develop new future incomes for their members. To develop this goal the GEMA has detected two main fields: Digitalisation and financial growth.
Actually the GEMA tries to achieve these two issues in their basic business with licencing, but also with participations on other major players within music distribution.

Now today the GEMA has officcially confirmed the majority holding on Zebralution GmbH, a very innovative and  economicly successful digital distribution service in Musicbusiness. The GEMA ensured as one of the first collecting societies the economic participation at digital Music distribution, a very important field of economic increase in music.

Zebralution is one of the pioneers of Digitalisation in the Musicbiz. Founded in 2004 as first Digitaldistribution for Independent-Labels in Europe, the company capitalizes over 1.000 Labels and audio books  distributors worldwide. Zebralution owns a very attractive portfolio of rights and has a lot of knowledge in data management of rights.
In their subsidiary company "zebra-audio.net", Zebralution has also specialised in distribution of Podcasts.

GEMA-members benefit from those services in digial distribution?
The shareholding at Zebralution is of strategic importance for the GEMA. It enables GEMA to widely support their members in the future also in digital distribution of their musical creations and songs.
Additionally it opens up new fields in economic participation at a central growing part in todays musicbiz. Together with Zebralution the GEMA wants to offer all relevant perceptions of all rights in the digital musicbiz today.

The digital competence of the GEMA should be further developed in the collaboration with ZEBRALUTION. This covers the offer developed directly for Singer-Songwriters (Business2Artists), that want to offer their compositions to thier listeners witout any Label or Recordcompany thru digital distributors.

Zebralution stays unique
Zebralution will persist acting as an independant company under the roof of GEMA. The owners of Zebralution, Kurt Thielen, Christof Ellinghaus, Sascha Lazimbat and Konrad von Löhneysen, stay with the company as associates.
Kurt Thielen and Sascha Lazimbat will continue their successful work as CEOs of Zebralution.

More Infos at GEMA
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