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CD-Review: Gismo Graf Trio "10 years - a trios decade"

ggt 10yearsatriosdecadeHow time flies one might think - and so do we here...

10 years the „Gismo Graf Trio“ have now past since the Trio arrived on the scene. That long (or should we say short?) it took until Gismo Graf at just 28 years has reached the top league of players.
Meanwhile Gismo played and pays with all the greats of the business and he doesn´t has to hide behind them: Stochelo Rosenberg, Angelo DeBarre, Brady Winterstein, Ludovic Beyer. And Gismo belongs there.

10 years and 5 CDs later you see a grown young man that doesnt reall still "search" for his own sound but has almost found it. But more on this later on…

The Trio around the young Stuttgart born Sinto Gismo Graf consists from the very beginning with his father Joschi Graf on incredible Rhytmguitar and the outstanding Joel Locher on DoubleBass. The Trio gets completed on this CD, like on some of the Livegigs (as on CD „Modus Vivendi“ from 2014) at 3 Tunes by Gismo´s charming Sister Cheyenne on vocals.

The new CD „A Trio´s Dekade“, recorded in Dezember 2019 and released Februar 2020, this time contain a blend musical mix from 3 original compositions by Gismo („Skizzo“, „Fantasie Impromptu“ and Stockholm Weekend Waltz“), some Jazzstandards like „My funny Valentine“, „You Pascal you“ or „A foggy day in London town“, one tune by Django Reinhardt („Mabel“) and more 2 own Interpretations of Michael Jacksons „Liberian Girl“ and Gino Paroli´s italian Tune „Senza Fine“.

ggt 2020All together offered is a bright Spectrum, a very bright mix of different musical styles, everthing in the professional performance of this Top-Trio.

The most surprising (for me) wasnt really Gismo´s Perfection in playing which he (of course)  has perfectionized over the years. Surprised has his search for new musical horizons.

Gismo Graf has now been working for about 10 years in perfectionizing his own kind of „Django“-Style and has meanwhile found his own handwriting, which he virtuosely presents in dreamsure perfectionized runs and very unique way of playing on this CD.

But now he is bounding for new horizons and checking out new ways of playing on the electric Jazzguitar, which he also works out with the same kind of Perfection. And he starts to sing for example on „A foggy day in London town“!

His virtuose playing reminds at some parts to the great idols like George Benson or Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery or Pat Metheny without ever sounding like a copy.

And i have to say the new ways suit him fine!

Best witness of this are the tunes and Interpretation of Michael Jackson´s „Liberian Girl“ and „You sent me flying“ (where his sister Cheyenne singt), which almost sounds like a little Bossa/funky-kind of style.

Especially here the Trio shows it´s real size and ability: thru the reduced way of playing and groove, Joschi Graf´s clockworklike Rhythm and Joel Lochers top-precise Timing open all gates for Gismo to show his  improvisatoric highflights on a top solid Basis. And how he does!

The soft singing of Gismo´s sister Cheyenne puts the cream on top of the Trio at some parts - „You sent me flying“ - a synonyme at this point.

All together a nice CD-statement for the 10-years anniversary of the Band to which we gladly condolence. Virtuosity, Musicality, fun of playing, great technical ability, Feeling - all captured in one CD.

Gismo Graf - solo guitar
Joschi Graf - rhythm guitar
Joel Locher - double bass
Special Guest: Cheyenne Graf - vocals

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