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Live-Clubs in Covid-times 2021

"While in Germany 2G or 3G is beeing discussed, Clubowners and Eventcompanies are facing a new reality: The run on tickets for (2G-)Partys is still going strong, but the sales of tickets for Liveconcerts are stagnating actually.

Clubowners are facing a big dilemma: many states actually are allowing events with full packed locations only under 2G-conditions.

For Clubs that means, only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed to enter - not those that just have been "tested" negative on Covid. Unlike some guests believe, Clubowners and Eventmanagers dont have the choice, if they offer fully sold out Partys or Concerts under 2G or 3G conditions. If they want to fill up their location, that only is allowed with 2G. " (Source: BackstagePro.de)

This statement shows the actual problems of the scene, especially of Live-Clubs where Livemusic is beeing played.
Of course we ALL have to serve our bit in this situation, to fight this pandemic. While many refuse to get vaccinated, the fear on another lockdown is going round again within the next few weeks/months.

If further Lockdowns again would come up, so the german branch association states, this would be "the last shot" to owners of Bars, Restaurants or concerthalls in Germany. "Many of those in the branche won´t survive a further Lockdown", says BDKV-President Jens Michow.

For the Livemusic-Scene its a very disappointing fact that visitors actually buy tickets for Partys but actually not for Live-concerts. Again some reprise of the article on BackStagePro:


The "missing" visitor

"There is another phenomena. At some concerts between 20 and 40% of ticket-buyers dont show up to the concert", says Axel Ballreich (Clubowner), even if they had bought a ticket.
Pre-Covid this Quote has been less than 5%. 

"That is", says Ballreich, "a real drama...", as the most concerts that are scheduled now already have been shifted form earlier dates from 2020.
That said it also means that visitors have 3 years revocation right according to german laws against full return of their paid money. In England this timespan even lasts 5 years."

We the musicians can only pray for the better and hope that Politics have read the sign of the times and realizes that the employers in the musicscene with over 2 Million employees are important and not beeing dropped again but financially beeing supported further.

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