JazzManouche.de becomes a "pay-content website"

The JM-User-Licences are split up in the following price-categories:
  1. JM-Premium-User - Access 7 days - Price: 4,99 €
  2. JM-Silver-User - Access 30 days - Price: 9,99 €
  3. JM-Gold-User - Access 90 days - Price: 29,99 €
  4. JM-Platinum-User - Access 365 days - Price: 49,99 €

Still there are many parts where you may access and read content freely at no cost. But still there a is a good reason to register to become a registered JM-User (registration is free at no cost!) - to access certain pages that have been restricted for our JM-Users-only before our payed memberships already. More information on how to register here.

Once you have an unlocked registered JM-User-Account every JM-User is able to upgrade to a "payed JM-Membership" with complete and unlimited access to ALL articles and additional infos on our website (300+ pages).

Regrettably we didnt have any succes with our idea of "free donations" before, which we have tried for serveral years before. The only and few donations we received from very few JM-Users didnt even pay the rent for the service-provider of our server one(!) month !!!  So today we will still make no "big business" here offering payed memberships on our website (with a rather small user-community), but the same we offer a great service with loads of information all around the issue of JazzManouche and Gypsyjazz - which now needs to get restircted payed access on JazzManouche.de.

We have been trying to keep banners and advertisings away from our site, that would have been the second possibility for us to pop-up with loads of advertising on the site to get our cost done.
By implementing these "payed memberships" now we still keep hold on our website and stay "ad-free" - IF all JM-users accept that step and thus help us keeping the site online ...so we hope for your positive resonance. Otherwise maybe the Website couldnt stay online ...

We strongly hope that all our JM-users will have great understanding and patience for that inconvenience.
So become a paying member today and support our good (and many!) hard work to further build and keep an informative and strong community-website for all you Djangoists out there! Thank you!

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