New CD: Daniel Weltlinger - Koblenz

Daniel gets supported on the CD by great musicians like Ian and Nigel Date (Solo- and (Rhythm)Guitar, Tom Wade (Bass), Marcello Maio (Accordeon), Edouard Bronson (Clarinette), Daniel Pliener (Piano) and some more musicians on Brass, Flutes, Violins Guitars and more.

The CD creates a very homogenous image when listening to it, and that is what it is mentioned for.  There  is a wide spectrum starting from Cajun- inspired Elements passing to Valse Musettes, songs influenced by typical Sintimusic up to straight foreward swinging tunes like "Louis" (Hommage to Louis Armstrong) or "Stephane" (composed for Grapelli). The musical journey ends in the song "Koblenz" recorded with Lulo Reinhardt in Koblenz.

Maybe the CD isnt what a pure "Django"-fan would expect from a Swing-Album. But that isnt it´s intention anyway and of this Trilogy. This is much more deeper and is an intensive analysis of the music of Sinti & Roma as well as the history of the Sinti, which has implemented through the negative experiences of the two people (Jews and Sintis the same) in the time of Nationalsocialism a very close connecting of their identities. All that flows into this wonderful and inspiring Album very worthwhile listening to! One may be curious on the next two Albums of this Trilogy. Our Tip: 100% worth listening! *****

Additionally to the Album Daniel wrote a wondeful poem, describing perfectly how the songs on the album are connected and which we like to present you here in full lenght:

Nomad wander through lands far and wide,
Camped beneath the stars up in the sky.
I awake in Liberchies one day
Beneath looming clouds so cold and grey.

Musique Metisse Saint Marie de la Mer,
Gather my tribe afar.
Music all night through to the dawn
Bal Musette is to be born
Music all night through to the dawn.

Fate brings new sounds to pierce my hurt heart,
Sound of swinging trumpet worlds apart
Louis's sound forever haunts my mind
Stephane's soul and mine forever bind

Dark Clouds arrive to break up all love
War and survival thrive
Hard times yet music heals my soul
The Maestro I am so told
Hard times yet music heals my soul

After war is over change comes fast,
Neglect sets and people feel less heart.
Decades after I have left this world
Bale Boldo keeps my story told.

From a land far and wide travel I
Music is all I know.
Fractured history to no end
Music heals and language mends
One day I come to Koblenz.
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