Blueslegend B.B. King is dead

bb kingThe "King of the Blues" was born on 16. September 1925 in US-country Mississippi and was called Riley B. King. He is considered as one of the most successful and influencing Bluesmusicians of all times.

As a child he started music singing in a gospelchoir, he learned to play the guitar by his uncle, a priest. In 1947 he tramped to Memphis (Tennessee) where he started his great carreer. He made his breaktrough at the end of 1960with his hit "The Thrill Is Gone". Another great hit was "How Blue Can You Get."
bb king
Also B.B. Kings beloved Guitar, a Gibson ES-355, that he tenderly called  "Lucille", reached a status of cult. The name "Lucille" he gave her after he saved it from burning flames in 1955 when the club where he played in was burning down.

B.B. King influenced Generations of Rock- and Bluesmusicians, still playing live until shortly before his death. In his long carreer he won 15 Grammys and has been nominated for another 30. He was recording more than 50 records, also together with great musicians like Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and Carlos Santana.

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