Debutalbum - Christiano Gitano "Ab o drom"

abodrom coverWith the Title "Ab o drom" the young Koblenz based Gypsy, Flamenco- and Swinggitarrist Christiano Gitano is releasing his first Debutalbum.

Containing 12 original compositions Christiano really convinces the listener with a blend mix out of Flamenco, Swing, Jazz and more mainstreamy sounding songs, that remind to the great "Gypsy Kings".

Christianos playing is full of feeling, with lots of Verve and Power, but the same sensitive and and melodically. His compositions already state of his great Talent as Musician and Songwriter. His teahcers Mike and Lulo Reinhardt as well as Gerado Nunez, really made a great job. Christiano will make his way, this is for sure, as in our country he already belongs to one of the good players of this Genre.

Our Tipp: absolutely worth listening for all Fans of Flamenco but well suited for Swing- and Django-Enthusiasts ****
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