Urgent: LeQuecumbar is up for closing - YOUR help is needed!

Since more than 13 years the Quecumbar in the heart of London has become an institution on JazzManouche and Gypsyswing. As one of the few clubs in London the style of Django Reinhardt and his followed Gypsyjazzers has been offered a platform for and worshipped the master.

quecumbarA great place to play for Gypsy-(Jazz)musicians in London and a temple of great music for many Fans and Listeners of the fascinating music all the same.

Great Artists of the Genre already have been playing the bar starting with Grandmasters like Fapy Lafertin, Lollo Meier, Angelo DeBarre oder Stochelo Rosenberg and the Rosenberg Trio, great musicians and talents like Mozes Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Robin Nolan, John Jorgenson or Biel Ballester up to the Creme de la Creme of the London Musikscene or the french Gypsyguitarrists more than 4500 Live-Concerts have been organised by Sylvia and her Team in the Quecumbar within the last 13 years.
lqrecordsThe only Django Reinhardt Festival in London and all together 9 CDs have been organized and made almost alongside.

Now the Quecumbar is facing the final curtain and is in urgent need of our help!
After facing a rent review of the premises, and subsequent arbitration, the rent of the premises has been increased by over 50%. In a nut shell, Le Que, which platforms this genre of music to the UK and the world is at severe risk.

garden panoramic 2 1024x313With an iron will and energy the Q-Team is trying to avoid the final closing of the cult-bar with a unique Crowdfunding-Project: with the help of all friends , Fans and many more helping hands within the next 4 weeks they try to collect money to stop the closing and even update the whole club by making possible renovations and updatings to keep the dream alive.

YOUR help is needed!!! Help to save the Quecumbar by joining the crowdfunding-project.
Please read on the Infos for the Crowdfunding-Project and donate YOUR freely choosen amount (starting at 10.- ₤) to save the Quecumbar. As a little gift there are some rewards beeing offered by LeQ (depending on the height of your donation), from just a free cocktail live at the Q-Bar, CDs or even a free one-year-ticket for all concerts beeing held at the club incl. a bottre of wine a.m.m.


Help to save the Quecumbar and donate, share it with your friends, make it known! Together we can achieve much more that one person cant do alone!

Help to preserve Django's world temple of Gypsy Swing Le QuecumBar

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