Hännsche Weiss is dead

Hans "Hännsche" Weiss, one of the greatest Gypsyjazz-Guitarrists, a true Legend and one of the pathmakers of german and international success of Jazz-Manouche, Gypsyjazz (or "Zigeunerjazz") has passed away.

haennscheweissBorn 1951 in Berlin, Hans "Hännsche" Weiss passed away last night june 2nd 2016. He only became 65 years old... Regrettably his health wasnt too well lately, thats why he had to cancel some concerts in the past already.

Hans "Hännsche" Weiss has been developed by his Mentor and heping hand Schnuckenack Reinhardt. With him he played for long years in the "Schnucknack Reinhardt Ensemble" as Leadguitarrist, after Schnuckenack had realized his great Talent.

In the 1980er Hännsche Weiss founded the "Hännsche Weiss Quartett" together with Titi, Holzmanno and Ziroli Winterstein and Hojok Merstein on bass.

With this Ensemble they recorded many records and made the Gypsyjazz famous on many national and international stages. Some of his greatest compositions were some Songs that he sang on Romanes himself, such as the known "Lass maro tschatschepen" off the same named Album.
After he quit the "Hännsche Weiss Quartett" End of 1990ies he remained playing concerts with the swiss bassplayer Vali Meier as a Duo. Only a real Gigant on the guitar may do such on the guitar, as Hans "Hännsche" Weiss was.

His playing was always powerful, with lots of feel and melodic impressing many Sinti- and Nonsinti musicians collegues in past and present. We loose a great musician, a collegue that we all will miss sadly. We also like to give our deepest condolence to his family.

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