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Musikmesse Frankfurt - where are you going to?


The Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Germany has always been considered as one of the most important Musicfairs worldwide, beeing an untouchable Barometer on instrument sales. This year beeing held from 7.-14th of April 2016 the Musikmesse was starting with the  meaningful title: "It´s my tune" - so to say "its my Melody (Song)". Regrettably nothing to be seen from this.

Many issues have been stated beforehand, sourrounded by 300 paralel Events the Musikmesse was supposed to become THE Musicevent in Frankfurt in 2016. Well, we heared the sound of the ads very well, but regret, no action of that really followed.

Have in the past few years the manufacturers and exhibitors (also very prominent and well known ones), which up to now almost always numerous were represented, have reasonably logically and in target group-oriented manner been spread over a wide area and into on the halls, was this year the main focus less on the musician (i.e. consumers) than on large-scale stage structures and big events.

This time 5(!) complete Halls have solely been reserved for the "Light & Sound"-Fair which is held in paralel, the musical instruments against that have been squeezed together into just 3 Halls (8,  9 and 11).mm2016

Also the numbers and Quality of the manufacturers and exhibitors was less than ever. Have in the past years been many great names and heavy weights of the biz such as "Fender" or "Gibson" (e.g. for guitar-manufacturers) or in elektronics Greats such as Yamaha and others with big huge stands, this year the numbers of big exhibitors was shrinking together to a minimal of prominence and quality. Also the feel that Asia was very strongly present on the Musikmesse against others.

All in all the impression was reasonable that the Messe-company this year wanted to earn big cash with big projects, in comparison to the "normal" music business with musical instruments which, it seems, is no big deal for the organizers anymore ... why else would be a rather small and irrelevant fair like the "Light & Sound" would have been featured so big?

Surey also this part of music-business belongs to the fair. Especially in times where bigger halls, bigger events, big stages and festival-tours of big stars are in need of such stages, lightning, addons, catering and the more, so this part of business has become much more importance over the years.
Still one (especially the fair organizers) should not forget that if musicians become less in the following years, these companies may only make their busniess only with these artists. So if musicians become less these companies will withdraw too one day.

No, we won´t claim for the "downfall of the occident" right here. Still: if you were walking thru the Musikmesse about 10-15 years ago you might have get bombed with big names, stars walking thru the halls like just averadge, stars like Whitesnake or Jazzmasters like Pat Matheney were to be seen all over the place or at the showrooms of the big companies. These kind of people and companies you were to be searching in vain this year 2016.

In comparison the real Musikmesse had become somewhat like a grey mouse with the taste of a cheap small housefair. Musical instruments to be squeezed into just a few halls. So even the big announcements in advanced not seem to have worked...

Therefor the question may be allowed: quo vadis Musikmesse - where are you going to?
If this development still carries on the next years it will be less and less known names or big customers and exhibitors, which themselfes will like to go to other, much cheaper and more important tradefairs in the USA, Canada or Fareast than in Frankfurt. Already now many exhibitors have put their participance on ice for 2017.

The badly organized Shuttle-Service with much too small busses that carried many too many visitors to strange halts and meetingpoints with long waiting times, the completely overdone fairprices (26.-€ for a dayticket, 3,10 € for a halfcold Frankfurter Würstchen with bread, 3,50€ for a small Plastikcup of beer, 2,80 € for a small bottle of water, 2,80€ for a badly tasting cup of coffee) are just only bad cosmetics on top of all that.

Very sad, but just from our view the Musikmesse has finally lost it´s glory this year, even if this development was to be foreseen within the last couple of years. And that although the organizers wanted to defeat that with their Motto "Its my Song" - which originally would suggest a fair for musicians... But just only marketing alone doesn´t work all the time...
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