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Attack on a Roma-family in Rome: 3 sisters die in a caravan

anschlag auf romafamilieIn the mid of night an unknown person throws a burning bottle onto a camper at the borders of Rome. Inside the camper 5 of the children of a Roma-family are sleeping. Three sisters cannot escape fast enough and die torturous inside of the camper. Even the pope talks about this horrorfiying attack.

The three sisters at the age of 4, 8 and 20 years died burning alive inside of a caravan was reported by the italian news-agency Ansa. In this camper the Roma-family lived with 11 children.
According to the news-agency the crown attorney of Rome is investigating at murder and derelict fire-raising.

Supposedly the attack was done as an act of revege or caused as kind of rasistical background. Italian newspapers say that members of the Roma-family have been threatened by residents of the street the attack happened in a couple of days before the attack. The officials meanwhile have evaluated a surveillance-video that shows a person throwing a burning bottle onto the camper and escaping after that.

(Source: N-TV-News, Rai 1 Uno)

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