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CD-Review: Sandro Roy - Souvenir de Paris

sandroroy souvernirdeparisThe second Soloalbum of the outstanding talent Sandro Roy from Augsburg/Germany with the Titel "Souvenir de Paris" has been released. Sandro Roy, who´se already caught to eye at the young age of 15 by his virtuose and deep Violine-playing, meanwhile has morphed to a young man, fullfilling a complete metamorphose into a worldclass star.

Today, at age of 25, Sandro Roy has reached the absolute top worldclass of Violineplaying and one may without any doubt say that Sandro Roy has already now become one of the worlds best  Jazz-violinists, sharing the stage with all the greats of the Jazz-business like Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene and Wawau Adler!

Already within the first tune of the CD "Lets face the music and dance" by Irving Berlin, in Duett with Primasç Roby Lakatos‚ Sandro shows his ability and talent, 100% comparable with the best and worldclass violinists of this time. His love and influences of classical music as well as Jazz, traditional in Sinti-style, as of modern Jazz  is visible in full bandwidth here.

Sandros Virtuosity, fun of playing and deepness of his melodies shows up in the Titlesong "Souvenir de Paris", reminding to great players like Stephane Grapelli without any doubt. Sandro definately has the talent and power to reach and become the legitime legacy of Stephane Grapelli, if not he already is now! There are very few violinists that have such a nice tone, depth and virtuosity than him. And all the other tunes also show his great class.

It is nice to mention that Sandro already has reached such strength and generosity to let his fellow musicians come to word and play aside him, opening up a stage for their own talent.
The next tunes on the CD like "Waltz for Nicky", "September second" and "Dolphin dance" creating a great feature for the art of Jermanine Landsberger on piano. "Paris Violon" and "Tendre reve" making up the stage for the Virtuosity of Marcel Loeffler on Accordeon and Paulo Morrello on guitar gets featured in the tune "Une histoire simple". Three other songs together with Violinvirtuose and Primasç Tony Lakatos round up the CD.

All together the CD is some treat for a fan of a bit more modern Jazzstyles. So if you are expecting Gypsyjazz á la "Quintette du Hotclub de France" you may eventually not have such big fun on the CD.
But if you are open to a Melange between classical music, Jazz-Manouche and modern Jazz this CD is absolutely to reccomend for you! Highclassy music mixed with Virtuosity, deepness and feeling. Our Tipp ****

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