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CD-Review: Lulo Reinhardt - Gypsy meets India

luloreinhardt gypsy meets indiaCD-Review: Lulo Reinhardt  - Gypsy meets India

Guitarrist and composer Lulo Reinhardt meanwhile is internationally known for his unique style of guitar playing in a blend mix out of Flamenco, Jazz and Gypsymusic.

Also the songs of his previous CDs showed this broad bandwidth between Jazz, Swing, his own Gypsyroots and worldmusic.

Now Lulo Reinhratd presents his 10th album which again is another milestone in his long musical career „Gypsy meets India“.

Together with the internationally known Slide-guitarrist Debashish Battacharya (known by his collaboration with John McLaughlin and the project „Shakti“ in the 1980- 90ies), then the brother Subashish on tables and Darbuka, his daughter Anandi Battacharya (Vocals) and his long year friend and drummer Uli Krämer, those 5 outstanding musicians recorded this new CD in a recordingstudio in Kalkhutta/India.

„Gypsy meets India“ crosses borders and builds the bridge between India and Sindh, the roots of the Sintis themselves. Sintis or „Gypsies“ (as we know them) are originating from Sindh, a region in north-east India close to the border of Nepal (see also JM-History).

Now Lulo Reinhardt is proofing that this theory (until now it has been such) that this is really true, as the created music is showing such close and nested relation between indian music and the music sound of the Gypsies that we know in european countries.
Not only that Lulo Reinhardt on his travel thru India had found a very close relationship between „Romanes“ (the language of the Gypsies in Europe) and „HIndi“ (one of the languages spoken in India today), beeing almost identically with some words, but also the music of India has extremely close elements.

Songs like „Gypsy meets Persia“, „For Anandhi“ or „Colours“ take on those elements and combine them with western gypsy tradition into a completely new sound.
While listening to the CD one may find out how close those elements really are and how perfect those different musical cultures flow into each other.
Gypsy meets India - LIVE
Just very sad is the fact that the real roots of their own origin seem to be out of interest with many Gypsies today. At least on those concerts that the Quintette played for the CD-release here in Germany just very few Gypsies showed up, mainly being relatives of Lulo and his family.

But maybe this also may change further if this CD gains more public, thats why we also like to present it here.

A wonderful CD to listen to and dream and listen to, a perfect meltdown of „real“ worldmusic combining different cultures into a perfect new unity - this has been achieved by Lulo Reinhardt with this album for sure.

A great gift, also for christmas. Our rating ***** absolutely recommended!

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