CD-Review: Sandro Roy - Souvenir de Paris

sandroroy souvernirdeparisThe second Soloalbum of the outstanding talent Sandro Roy from Augsburg/Germany with the Titel "Souvenir de Paris" has been released. Sandro Roy, who´se already caught to eye at the young age of 15 by his virtuose and deep Violine-playing, meanwhile has morphed to a young man, fullfilling a complete metamorphose into a worldclass star.

Today, at age of 25, Sandro Roy has reached the absolute top worldclass of Violineplaying and one may without any doubt say that Sandro Roy has already now become one of the worlds best  Jazz-violinists, sharing the stage with all the greats of the Jazz-business like Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene and Wawau Adler!

Attack on a Roma-family in Rome: 3 sisters die in a caravan

anschlag auf romafamilieIn the mid of night an unknown person throws a burning bottle onto a camper at the borders of Rome. Inside the camper 5 of the children of a Roma-family are sleeping. Three sisters cannot escape fast enough and die torturous inside of the camper. Even the pope talks about this horrorfiying attack.

The three sisters at the age of 4, 8 and 20 years died burning alive inside of a caravan was reported by the italian news-agency Ansa. In this camper the Roma-family lived with 11 children.
According to the news-agency the crown attorney of Rome is investigating at murder and derelict fire-raising.

Supposedly the attack was done as an act of revege or caused as kind of rasistical background. Italian newspapers say that members of the Roma-family have been threatened by residents of the street the attack happened in a couple of days before the attack. The officials meanwhile have evaluated a surveillance-video that shows a person throwing a burning bottle onto the camper and escaping after that.

(Source: N-TV-News, Rai 1 Uno)

Bertino Rodmann - official Endorser at

The fast growing market of Gypsyjazz-Products is ever changing and evolving: just in june the new Guitar-Model by Polak-Guitars (before  ERG) with the name "Model Bertino" has been released (Models for sale, see the News above). Now there are some more news for Bertino Rodmann.

bertino jmpicks
Jokko of asked Bertino in summer 16 if he likes to become an official Endorser with

In collaboration the two created a special pick on demand of Bertino which is available right now. From now on the new Pick "Model Bertino" is avialable at

Material "Tortoise", 5,5mm strong, Price 17,50€

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JM-Website-News - In eigener Sache

Neu in der Guitar-Gallery:

Seit langem haben wir wieder mal die JM-Guitar-Gallery überarbeitet und insgesamt 35(!) neue Gitarren eingefügt. Dabei sind 12 neue Busato- und 23 neue Favino-Gitarren in mehreren Bereichen hinzugefügt worden.
Insgesamt umfasst unsere JM-Guitar-Gallery damit mehr als 2400 Bilder und über 60 Busato-, rund 320(!) Favino-, 50 DiMauro- und weit über 100 Selmer-Gitarren. Unsere JM-Guitar-Gallery ist damit zugleich das ausführlichste Sammlungsarchiv alter Gypsygitarren weltweit!

Eine sehr schön und ausführlich gemachte Dokumentation über Django Reinhardt´s Leben, grossartig gedreht und bebildert, mit vielen Details, Interviews und Live-Mitschnitten ist hier auf unserer Site verfügbar.

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New CD: Sandro Roy - Where i come from

sandro royVisitors of the "Django Reinhardt Memorial" Festival in Augsburg / Germany already know Sandro Roy since some years, did he already play with greats like Martin Taylor or Bireli Lagrene. And already at his young age did he inspire and gain interest of many visitors as musicians the same at many Jam-Sessions at night.

Now Sandro Roy has released his first Solo-CD and one can say: already this one is a little masterpiece!

sandroroj where i come fromContaining 13 songs, the young 20 year old Sandro Roy presents a blend mix out of original compositions (J.L. Swing), Jazz-Titels by Miles Davis, Trad Jones or Phillip Braham, classical interpretations like "Zigeunerweisen" (by P. Sarasante), "Caprice Vienois" (F. Kreisler) or "Banjo and Fiddle" by W. Kroll - a great mix that shows his full talent and all of his musicality.

Jazz, Swing, classic, Samba/Bossa or Modern - Sandro Roy knows how to play all the musical history and presenting them with highest precision and fun. You dig every note he is playing, feeling that there is playing a real musician with all of his heart and feel.

For sure this cd will not be his last, but surely yet it is one oif his best!

Here we present some extraits of Sandro´s website about him and the new cd, written so well that one can´t do it better, that why we like to print it here:
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