JM-Greats - Titi Bamberger

Titi BambergerRobert "Titi" Bamberger (Rythm-Guitar), born in 1960 and raised in  a travelling family learned his playing traditionally by his father, his uncles and cousins beeing "on the road".

In his young years always travelling he just picks up from everywhere he could learn from meeting the other Sintis around Europe.

Until today he is strongly influenced by Joseph Reinhardt, Matelot Ferre, Marcel Bianci and Roger Chaput, the traditional Rhythm-players of the famous Quintette du Hotclub de France and meanwhile Titi is mentioned as one of the best Rhythm-Guitarrists of this music still alive.Titi09kl

Titi Bamberger is widely known over the borders of germany and worldwide always greatly respected.

Over the years he has been playing with some of the best and most famous musicians of the Jazz-Manouche-Scene such as Schnuckenack Reinhardt, Hännsche Weiss & Lulu Reinhardt, Fapy Lafertin, Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene, Angelo DeBarre, Dorado and Tschawolo Schmitt a.m.m.

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JM-Greats - Zipflo Weinrich

Zipflo WeinrichZipflo Weinrich was born on June 16th 1964 in Vienna, Austria, into a musical Sinti-Family.

He began to play the violin at the age of 8 - to take over music as a natural gift, just how to find it amongst his people.

Zipflo Weinrich studied Gypsyjazz with the members of his family from then on, and already 7 years later at the age of 15 years giving his debut  at the legendary Club "Jazzland" in Vienna.

Zipflo Weinrich 03Zipflo Weinrich worldwide already played with mny famous Jazz-musicians.

In Austria he played with Karl Ratzer, Fritz Power and Richard Österreicher, as well as on international Plattforms working together with Barney Kessel, Attila Zoller, Oliver Jackson, Doot Thielemann and Red Mitchell.

His gift of Improvisation, his feeling for Rhythm and the feel for the tune as well as his natural light character made him a shining star in the austrian Jazzscene.

He played all kinds of international Festivals and Jazz Clubs (Lappland, Graz, Villach, Würzburg, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Munich and Salzburg). In 2001 Zipflo Weinrich was honoured as "Artist of the year" in his birthplace Viénna. Zipflo Weinrich 01

His playing is influenced by the "Sinti-Swing", all at first to mention Django Reinhardt, but Zipflos musical abilitiy is leading from Swing to Bebop as well as modern Jazz.

Very early he is interested in modern Music, always staing that music should be Innovation and never should stop.

Today he is living near Vienna with his family and children.

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JM-Greats - Raphaël Faÿs

raphaelfaysRaphaël "Vivi" Faÿs, born on December 10th 1959 in Paris is a french Jazz-, Gypsyjazz- and classical-Guitarrist.

His french Manouche-family shaped him and his music. In his young days he learned to play guitar from his father Louis Faÿs, with whome he did his first gigs some years later.

Raphaël "Vivi" Faÿs has recorded and released the following records eversince:

raphael fays solo
1979: Gipsy New Horizon,
1980: Night in Caravan,
1981: Vivi Swing,
1982: Bonjour Gipsy,
1987: Jazz à Cordes,
1989: Voyages, 1991: Gipsy Touch, 1994: La Nuit des Gitans, 1994: Faÿs Classic Guitar, 1996: Sans Domicile Fixe, 1998: A l'aube d'une Nuit d'été, 2000: Faÿs en Concert à Bruxelles, 2000: The Gipsy Way
Raphael Fays 02
Raphaël Faÿs is one of the first "fast" guitarrists of the genre.

He began very early with fast interpretations of Django-tunes gaining a wider audience. His playing is meanwhile more influenced by the spanish Flamenco as of classical guitar, than the sound of Jazz.

Nevertheless he "swings" virtuosely thru all tunes of the traditional Gypsyjazz-repertoire.

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JM-Greats - Lulo Reinhardt

lulo 2013 2Lulo Reinhardt was born 12.10.1962 in Koblenz as a german Grandnephew of the famous Master Django Reinhardt. He is a gifted guitarrist that learned to play the guitar from his great father Bawo Reinhardt at the age of 5 years.

At the age of 12 years he already plays with the "Mike Reinhardt Sextet", a Formation that was solely dedicated to the Gypsyjazz of the great forefather Django.

In 1991, after 16 successful years with the group, he decides to leave the Sextette to find new musical borders that he finally found in the Flamenco- and Gypsymusic of the spanish Gitanos.

Together with his father Bawo and his cousin Degé Reinhardt he founded the "I Gitanos". lulo 2013The first result of their new way of playing music "Gypsy goes Latin", of which Nicky Marrero also participated, is the release of the CD "I suni" in 1994. From then on Lulo is touring all over Europe until in 1998 the next CD "Ab I Reisa" has been relaesed with this group.

lulo igitanosMeanwhile Lulo Reinhardt worked in many different projects and the more has gained a great reputation as well as a guitarrist as a writer and composer.

He played on all big Festivals for example Rock gegen Hass, International Cultural Festival Sahara in El Corazón (Algerie - with the brazilian Guitarrist Zezo Ribeiro), on the World Roma Festival Khamoro, Jazz Goes to Town (Tschechei), Jazz and Blues Festival (Tschechei), Sidmouth Folk Week (UK), IGN Guitar night (Scotland) and many more.

It was his journeys and touring which made him find the best musicians for his own Project. The "Lulo Reinhardt Project" is melting a blend of Gypsy-Rhythms, Latin-Jazz, Flamenco, cubanian or brasilian Music.
After the big success of his CD "Project No 1" (2002), Lulo Reinhardt released the long awaited next Album "Project No 2" in July 2005.

LuloReinhardtLulo Reinhardt is a spontaneous and spiritual Musician who like to travel to new horizons with his guitar.
His curiosity in new music, his interest in other human beeings lead him from the Flamenco-Roots in south-Spain to south-America, where he discovered new way of playing in Latinjazz, Samba and Bossa Nova for himself. He plays his music with Enthusiam and Virtuosity and at the same time with a great sense of deep Melancholy and Nostalgie. The Inspiration and the feeling of his Gypsy-roots are melting into a rhythmic Symbiose from elegance and Spirituality with Lulo Reinhardt´s music.

In July 2007 Lulo Reinhardt is recording a new CD with his new Formation, "Lulo Reinhardt Latin Swing Project" which is called "Latin Swing". 12 complete new songs composed by Lulo Reinhardt in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grapelli together with Daniel Weltlinger (Australia) on violin, Doug Martin (Guitar, San Francisco), Harald Becher (Doublebass, Germany) and Uli Krämer (Percussion, Drums, Germany). The CD has been recorded completely Live after a short Tour thru Germany.

After the SAGA-company (San Francisco) had created his own guitar model "Lulo Reinhardt DG 310" for him, Lulo Reinhardt also found back to play Gypsy-Swing, after he had played almost solely on Nylon-strings for the last 20 years. This guitar was released and presented by Lulo in 2007 on the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Frankfurt.

Latin_Swing_Project_BawoIn 2007 / 2008, another CD "Live in der Besenkammer", with Uli Krämer and Lulo Reinhardt was released, after recording two days in Cologne in the "Besenkammer". Technician was Thomas Morgenstern of the WDR who cabled all the place and recorded from the first floor with his Laptop. A very special and imtimate event with about 80-100 people, a special concert.

In 2008 Lulo plays on the "Frankfurter Musikmesse", together with Jan Akkermann ( Focus ) and they had lots of fun together.

In Mai 2008 he again drops over to San Francisco, to the CD Release Party in the famous "Yoshis Club" and the "Django Fest" in Mill Valley.
In 2008 in Juli Lulo Reinhardt di play the Support with Jose Feliciano, at his only gig in Germanylulo bertino 12 2014 02.
2008 in November - Dezember Lulo Reinhardt went to Australia with his "Latin Swing Project" ( Brisbane Gipsy Festival ) and from Australia to Shanghai ...

In Februar 2012 Lulo Reinhardt releases his 6. and yet best CD "Bawo" (to honour his dear departed father Bawo Reinhardt) and since then touring very successfully with his "Lulo Reinhardt Swing Project".


In spring 2011 Lulo is meeting with Bertino on the international Musikmesse in Frankfurt, having great fun jam-sessions with him and his cousin Mike Reinhardt at the Stand of SAGA Guitars.

Since then the two unique guitarrists are working together on LIVE-concerts (Image right, LIVE 12/2014) with the "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartette". A new CD-release of that project is planned for 2015.

Lulo Reinhardt is, as many musicians of this famous family, a unique and outstanding musician that, like his great forefather Django always open to the new experimenting with new sounds, musicians - and always staying open minded. Latcho Drom!

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JM-Greats - Hono Winterstein

Hono WintersteinHono Winterstein was born on February 27th 1962 in Forbach/France.

As common with many Sinti he learned to play the guitar young at age. Naturally influenced by Django Reinhardt and his music, but still also interested in other musicstyles like Rock - he like to listen to guitarrists like Jimmy Hendrix or Johnny Winter etc.

His first appereance on the musicscene is in 1978 together with the Gino Reinhardt Trio featuring Dorado Schmitt. Since then he was working with Dorado, Samson Schmitt, Patrick Saussois, Tchavolo Schmitt and many others, recording many albums.
In 2001 he gets invited by Bireli Lagrène for his new "Gipsy Project".

Meanwhile he is playing with Bireli Lagrène on all kinds of big Festivals in France (Olympia, Zénith, etc...) as well as worldwide in the U.S.A, Japan. Hono Winterstein

Hono played on 5 CDs of the Gipsy Project and the Gipsy Trios and an Album with Sara Lazarus as well as  3 DVD Productions for the Dreyfus Jazz Label.

Hono Winterstein is a "King of Rhythm-playing" without any impeachement, a Guitarrist that swings "La Pompe" like a Métronome with incredible speed. Meanwhile he played with many great guitar-players like:

Bireli Lagrene, Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt, Thomas Dutronc, Henri Salvador, Florine Nicolescu, Marcel Loeffler, Didier Lockwood, Martin Weiss, Martin Taylor, Sanseverino, Andre Cecarelli, Angelo Debarre, Stochelo Rosenberg, Sacha Distel, Ludovic Beyer ...the List is long.

His impressive physical presence and physis as well as a great charakter with a great sense of humor as well as a big heart is making him a great talent and a wanted musician.

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