JM-Greats - Ritary Gaguenetti

Ritary GaguenettiRitary Gaguenetti, was born 1978 into Sinti-Family with great musical Tradition. Ritary begins to play guitar at the age of 14, his father (also an autodidact) shows him the basics.

Musicians like Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo and Jimmy Rosenberg interest and influence him.

But he is intrested in american Mainstreamjazz the same as musicians as George Benson, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, etc. musical culture of his own people to add fun and musicality.Ritary

He founds his first own Band in 2002 under the name "Ritary Gaguenetti Ensemble".

In the following 5 years he records seven CDs under his name and plays under his name on other albums with Andreas Öberg.
Ritary plays a modern Jazzstile stemed by Bebop, modern Jazz and Mainstream, but also interpreting the classical Gypsyjazz-Repertoire same virtuosly.

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JM-Greats - Andreas Oeberg

AndreasOberg4Andreas Oeberg was born on August 6st 1978 in Stockholm.

At the age of 18 years he began to raise his name in the schwedish Musikscene, playing with many schwedish Top-Artists. Andreas graduated at the "Royal Music Academy" in Stockholm in 1998, where he studied music and composition.

Due to his big interest in Jazz he early discovered Django Reinhardt. And even though he is not really a typical "Django-Reinhardt-Interpret", he nevertheless made his respected name in the Django-scene by his virtuos playing style.

While he worked on his own musical projects thru the last few years, he nevertheless was part on certain other musical projects  with Top-Musicians in different musical styles with following musicians:andreasoberg2 Les Paul, Eros Ramazzotti, Toots Thielemans, John Patitucci, Andreas Carlsson, Hank Jones, Harvey Mason, Bireli Lagrene, Larry Coryell, Barbara Hendricks, Martin Taylor, Stuart Hamm, John Pisano, Danny Gottlieb, Lewis Nash, James Genus, David Kikoski, Jimmy Rosenberg, Wycliffe Gordon, Gary Novak, Roger Kellaway, Harvie S, Joe Beck, Bucky Pizzarelli, John Beasley, Joey De Francesco, Mark Murphy, Stochelo Rosenberg, Billy Kilson und Florin Nicolescu just to name a few.

Andrea´s playing is filled with energy and Swing and a great technique impressing many audiences all over the world.

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JM-Greats - Fiona Monbet

Fiona MonbetFiona Monbet, born 1989 in Irland, as a Franko-Irland girl. She gives her debut at the age of 8 years with violin and discovers the Jazz for herself at the age of 10 at a concert of Didier Lockwood.
She immediately writes to the CMDL ("Centre des Musiques Didier LOCKWOOD") and learnes the art of Jazz-Improvisation.

Very fast she reaches a professional Level and receives the Talent-Award «Talent Jazz du Fonds d’Action Sacem» together with other artists like Ibrahim MAALOUF, Thomas ENHCO, Emile PARISIEN or Richard MANETTI.

Since more than 8 years she now plays with all greats of the french and international Jazz, but also in classical Formations of the "Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris", in the class of Ami FLAMMER and Frédérique LAROQUE.
Didier Lockwood takes Fiona regularely to his concerts all over France at very prestige places like the "le Trianon", "l’Olympia", "le Théâtre des Champs-Élysées", "le Théâtre du Châtelet" and abroad (USA, Marocco, Swiss, Norvège).
She plays on well known Festivals like "Jazz de Marciac", "Festival des Puces de St Ouen", "Festival Jazz d’Oslo" regularely.

In 2005 she hold the wanted youth-price «Jeune talent SACEM» for the thrid time. In January 2007 Fiona is been chosen to represent for the school of Didier Lockwood in New York on a congress, the "Congrès mondial sur l'éducation du jazz (IAJE)".

Fiona plays alongside of many different musicians like Dee Dee BRIDGEWATER, Jean Philippe VIRET, Martin TAYLOR, Baptiste TROTIGNON, André CECCARELLI, Biréli LAGRENE, Marcel AZZOLA, Jean Marie ECAY, und dem bekannten Jazz-Gitarristen Christian ESCOUDE der sie zu Aufnahmen an seinem 3. Solo-Album einlädt. (Source:

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JM-Greats - Florin Niculescu

Florin NiculescuFlorin Niculescu, born on the 8th February 1967 in Bucharest, is a romanian violinist from a Romani (Gypsy) Family.

He is considered as the "best Jazz-Manouche violinist of our time", the legendary substitue for Stéphane Grappelli. Forin is known for his impressive technique and virtuosity as of his sensitivity.

In 1991 he moves to Paris to make his dream come true, he wants to meet Stéphane Grappelli and make his own name in the music scene.
His first gig he plays at a russian Cabaret. Also he signs in to the "Conservatoire de Paris", even if his Jazz-teacher is stating him this "to be a waste of time" and he should be more playing live with different musicians, which meanwhile he does.

Niculescu met his idol Stéphane Grappelli in 1994. Grappelli was so impressed that he wanted to record a CD with him.

Niculescu neglected that offer because he thought that this honour would have been too much. He was expecting to take private lessons with  Stéphane Grappelli, but Grappelli told him he couldnt show him anything because he would have a natural technique that is fantastic. (Source

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JM-Greats - Richard Manetti

Bertino45Born in 1986 in Bezons (France) as 2nd oldet son of ROMANE, Richard MANETTI learned to play the guitar at the age of 10 and grew fast into the international Scene. Didier LOCKWOOD, Stochelo ROSENBERG, the brothers FERRE or Christian ESCOUDE are musicians that already worked with him.

His style is stamped by JazzManouche and filled with the magic of Django Reinhardt. Djangos grandson David REINHARDT is only one of the famous musicians that he is playing concerts with.

Richard has played all international Festivals like "Festival Django REINHARDT" in Samois-sur-Seine, "Festival Jazz In de Juan-les-Pins", or in Jazzclubs like le Sunset, la Cigale, Le New Morning, the "Festival de Nashville", le Brésil, in Londres or the "Festival de Guitare de Patrimonio".

Today Richard MANETTI is playing in different Formations (Manouche Bands, Jazz Bebop, Jazz Fusion…).

RichardManettiHe recorded his 1. Album in 2007 together with his father Romane « Père & Fils »  and was envolved at the first and second Album of the Band « Selmer 607 » in 2008 and 2010.

Richard MANETTI is a young musician with great personality. He is experimenting with different styles, melting these into his unique own language of Jazz with a modern but also traditional Touch.

His universe is a part of Jazz mixed with Funk and a sip of Jazzmanouche. His fine Interpretations and subtle playing is always presented with a great part of energy and passion.

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