Sinti Man Shot and Caravans Set on Fire in Italy

A 40-year-old Sinti man has been shot and two caravans destroyed by fire near the Northern Italian city of Brescia, in the early hours of the morning on 2nd January 2019. Petrol was poured around the caravans and set on fire by an unknown arsonist who then shot the Sinti man with a hunting rifle in the shoulder as he emerged from the flaming caravan. The wounded man is now in a serious condition at a hospital in Desenzano and the public prosecutor has opened an investigation.

Terrc logohe Sinti family had been staying on the side of a road on the edge of agricultural land in lonato, in the province of Brescia for about 2 months. Local residents had reportedly complained about the presence of the Sinti prior to the attack on 2nd January.

No one else from the family was injured but two of the caravans containing almost all of their belongings were completely destroyed.

Hännsche Weiss is dead

Hans "Hännsche" Weiss, one of the greatest Gypsyjazz-Guitarrists, a true Legend and one of the pathmakers of german and international success of Jazz-Manouche, Gypsyjazz (or "Zigeunerjazz") has passed away.

haennscheweissBorn 1951 in Berlin, Hans "Hännsche" Weiss passed away last night june 2nd 2016. He only became 65 years old... Regrettably his health wasnt too well lately, thats why he had to cancel some concerts in the past already.

Hans "Hännsche" Weiss has been developed by his Mentor and heping hand Schnuckenack Reinhardt. With him he played for long years in the "Schnucknack Reinhardt Ensemble" as Leadguitarrist, after Schnuckenack had realized his great Talent.

In the 1980er Hännsche Weiss founded the "Hännsche Weiss Quartett" together with Titi, Holzmanno and Ziroli Winterstein and Hojok Merstein on bass.

With this Ensemble they recorded many records and made the Gypsyjazz famous on many national and international stages. Some of his greatest compositions were some Songs that he sang on Romanes himself, such as the known "Lass maro tschatschepen" off the same named Album.
After he quit the "Hännsche Weiss Quartett" End of 1990ies he remained playing concerts with the swiss bassplayer Vali Meier as a Duo. Only a real Gigant on the guitar may do such on the guitar, as Hans "Hännsche" Weiss was.

His playing was always powerful, with lots of feel and melodic impressing many Sinti- and Nonsinti musicians collegues in past and present. We loose a great musician, a collegue that we all will miss sadly. We also like to give our deepest condolence to his family.

Sinti Festival Hildesheim 2015

sintifest hildesheim 2015The annual Sintifestival in Hildesheim takes place on july 10. and 11., this time as anniversary issue.
The location is at "Gut Steuerwald", Mastbergstraße 19 in D-31137 Hildesheim.

Programm 2015:

Friday, 10. July
Opening 6 pm. – Start 7.30 pm.

Romno Swing Quartett (Deutschland/Ungarn)
Django Deluxe (Hamburg/Deutschland)
The  Gipsy Fusion Power  (Deutschland/Frankreich)

Saturday, 11. July
Opening 6 pm. – Start 7.30 pm.

Rehan Syed Ensemble – „von Django bis Tango“ (Deutschland)
Kussi Weiss Trio (Hildesheim/Deutschland)
Lollo Meier Ensemble feat: Paulus Schäfer  (Niederlande)

The location is at "Gut Steuerwald", Mastbergstraße 19 in D-31137 Hildesheim. Opening from 6 pm, Beginning of the concerts 7.30 pm. Tickets 15,00 Euro per Person, avaialble at the door, entrance for children under 14 are free.

More Infos on the Website

Festival Django Reinhardt - Programm online

logo festival drThe new Program for this years issue of the Festival Django Reinhardt in Samois-sur-Seine is now online.

Again many Superstars have been sigend for the 50th annual Festival. Great Names like George Benson, Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Dorado Schmitt, Fapy Lafertin a.m.m. will be hosted. But also again, like last years before, the rest of the Programmation shows only other Musicians, none related to Django Reinhardt at all. The Festival-Organisation sticks to their commercial concept, not taking care or advantage of all the last years Django-Fans critics. Business as usual is the matter.

Here you finde the complete programmation lineup of 2018:

Terrorist attacs in Paris - nous sommes unis! We are one!

nous somme paris 131125In 7 different places in Paris beginning of november three bombs exploded during the footbal game France against Germany. Several Terror-Killer-units were rushing thru the streets of Paris at the same time, fired indiscriminately at people.
In the concerthall "Le Bacalan" nearby the stadium were the Heavy-Metal concert of a californian  Band took place 80 Persons were shot by 4 islamic Terrorists. All in all round 130 unguilty young people have died from these gutless attacks, more than 300 were injured.

Those Terroristattacs in Paris and Tunisia, which were done by islamic Terrorists as it is known up to now,  leave us behind with anger, tears and disbelief. We are grieving with the victims and their families, our prayers are with them in their darkest hours.
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