Gismo Graf Trio - New CD - Modus Vivendi

CD_ModusVivendiDas nunmehr mittlerweile 3. Album des jungen Stuttgarter Sinti-Gitarristen Gismo Graf mit dem Titel "Modus Vivendi" zeigt sehr gut was er unter "Lebensart" versteht.

Nach den beiden Vorgänger-CDs "The pure way" und "Absolutely Gypsy" zeigt dieses neue Album wieder die ganze musikalische Weltklasse und spielerische Bandbreite des immer noch jungen Gismo Graf, nein, man muss sagen (fast) der gesamten Graf-Familie.

Denn ausser seinem Vater Joschi an der gewohnt guten Rhythmusgitarre singt diesmal auch Gismo´s Schwester Cheyenne auf 2 Titeln mit und zeigt die grosse Musikalität dieser aussergewöhnlich musikalischen Familie.

Selmer #607: preparation for new CD - fund raising

selmer607 3 album
Great News for one of the most outstanding Jazz-Manouche-Formations "Selmer #607": the new CD is in preparation!

The long awaited 3rd Album of this great band is actually beeing recorded and mixed and will be available aproximately next spring 2017.

Musikmesse Frankfurt - where are you going to?


The Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Germany has always been considered as one of the most important Musicfairs worldwide, beeing an untouchable Barometer on instrument sales. This year beeing held from 7.-14th of April 2016 the Musikmesse was starting with the  meaningful title: "It´s my tune" - so to say "its my Melody (Song)". Regrettably nothing to be seen from this.

Many issues have been stated beforehand, sourrounded by 300 paralel Events the Musikmesse was supposed to become THE Musicevent in Frankfurt in 2016. Well, we heared the sound of the ads very well, but regret, no action of that really followed.

Have in the past few years the manufacturers and exhibitors (also very prominent and well known ones), which up to now almost always numerous were represented, have reasonably logically and in target group-oriented manner been spread over a wide area and into on the halls, was this year the main focus less on the musician (i.e. consumers) than on large-scale stage structures and big events.

New CD: Martin Weiss Family - Spirit

News from Martin Weiss the great and gifted Sinti-violinist and guitarrist: together with his Band and the members of his Family he produced and relased a wonderful new CD: Martin Weiss Family - Spirit

martinweissfamilyspiritAnd really this CD has Spirit, because the listener feels that all musicians are great and virtuos players that have injected ther heart into playing wonderful music, producing a great album which becomes a real listening pleasure for every music enthusiast.

Together with Martin Weiss on Violin and Guitar are playing Gigi Reinhardt on Guitar, Manolito Steinbach Guitar, Romani Weiss  Guitar, Janko Lauenburger Guitar, Karl Schloz Guitar, André Loos on Bass, Hans Lauenberger also on Bass, Andreas Wirth on Drums and Martins wife Carmen Hey on Accordeon/Vocals.

Together they created a great and wonderful album, possible to order only on their Bandwebsite. Our Tipp: absolutely  reccomendable!

Here is a little glimbse to listen and enjoy:

2nd Solo-Album von Richard Manetti

groovestoryvisuel"Groove story" is the name of the 2nd solo album of Romane's to the oldest son Richard Manetti, which has already appeared in December, 2014 under his name.

Seven new own compositions of the artist (out of ten), who composes the album to show a new side of his creativity in which one can recognise very well his own "footprints".

New sound-searches, new inspirations Richard investigates here to offer the most different new colour palettes, however, he still well remains in the continuity of the previous opus "Why Note" which betrayed already in 2012 his full talent. An album not far away from the Gipsysound, but a nice new side of Jazz, Funk and Ballads are offered.

"For my first album" Why Note " I had the chance to meet gifted musicians who have trusted me and have completely invested in my project. I could not have dreamed better that they would again have time to work with me to realise this second CD. "Groove story" speaks about the rhythm. To investigate the rhythm, this is to be ventured in a space without border and to test new emotions and sounds", says Richard about his 2nd album.

"In the studio I have integrated the interaction between different influence of my comusicians, while I leave them the space which is needed to express themself. Groove story is the result of a collective improvisation and composition process."

Our tipp: really worthwhile listening!
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