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    DiMauro GuitarsDiMauro GuitarsThe DiMauro Guitars, besides the more known brands of Selmer, Busato or Favino-guitars, belong (for good reason!) to one of the worldwide most famous Gypsyjazz-Guitars ever.

    Worldfamous musicians like for example: Jacques Brel, Sacha Distel, Henri Salvador, Georges Brassens, Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, Moreno Winterstein, Samy Daussat, Ray Ventura, Francis-Alfred Moerman, Tschavolo Schmitt, Boulou Ferré, Pat Matheny, Mondine und Ninine Garcia as well as many, many other musicians more played and still play these guitars until this day.

    Here you can read more about the History of Di-Mauro-Guitars and the exact Features of original DiMauro-Guitars. In these article-series about DiMauro we briefly describe the most important features of DiMauros as of their history.

    Antoine DiMauro (1900-1976), the brother of Joseph DiMauro (1894-1966) the elder, also made mandolins in Catania/Italy, before he arrived in Paris in 1934. He sets his workshop in the background of a furniture store in the Rue de Fontarabie in Paris. There he made mandolins and guitars during 2 years. In 1936 Antoine opens up its first workshop in Rue de Rançon in Paris.

    Since 1993, DiMauro guitars are no longer manufactured. Today they are still the delight of musicians and collectors. They are appreciated by Gypsy jazz guitarists with its models of Selmer-Maccaferri type, played by Django Reinhardt, who was one of the first to propose versions.

    The house of DiMauro is also known for his very own original creations, like the famous jazz guitar “Special Chorus” whith the openning in “S” (see image left above), created in the 40s or the model “Hearthole” (see image right above) with a soundhole in form of a heart.

    The company of DiMauro-guitars was founded by Joseph DiMauro, the elder (1894-1966) and his brother Antoine DiMauro (1900-1976). Both of them were immigrated from Sicilia/Italy to Paris in the early 1920ies where they both lived and worked from around 1925 until 1966.

    Later on the youngest son of Antoine, Joseph DiMauro (the younger) took over the business of his father, leading it until his own death in the year 1993, also working and living in Paris.

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