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    JM-Guitars & more – On the following pages you find lots of detailed  informations about the famous Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- and DiMauro-Guitars. offers you compact and collected  infos on the exact details of these rare and expensive guitars, as of their history and their makers.
    The more we also briefly describe the exact details of these rare instruments plus give you many more background-infos to these details and how you can recognize those kind of instruments.

    Other Guitars

    This may be of great interest especially when buying such an instrument, as these guitars nowdays are really expensive.

    Due to their pure age and out of the fact that many of these have just been produced in a limited amount. So they are rarely for sale meanwhile for high prices up to 5-digit Europrices.

    So the prices for a rare original Selmer-Guitar (depending on its age and state) vary from 10.000 to “OpenEnd”-prices up to 30-50.000.- U$. Original Favinos, Busatos and DiMauro-Guitars are mostly buyable around 4-digit Euro-prices.

    If you want to spent that much money on a guitar, you need to know exactly if the instrument that you want to buy is really original.
    As of everywhere else on the internet, as well there are cheaters and forgers around on the market that try to sell (mostly cheap) forged copies of these kind of rare guitars as “real ones”. To people who dont know the exact details of them.
    And paying a 4-5-digit sum for a guitar like that may end up in a real desaster very quick for you if you notice you have been cheated afterwhat…

    Thats one of the reasons we offer our JM-Guitar-Gallery for the reseach of serialnumbers and other details of certain rare Gypsyjazz-Guitars (meanwhile we have 2.500+ images of old Gypsyjazzguitars in our Gallery).
    On our detailpages of the JM-Guitar-Gallery as inside the description-pages of Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- and DiMauro-Guitars you are able to find lots of detailed information on the specific details of these instruments with a brief description and images of every kind of guitarmodel and how to determine what kind of instrument has which kind of feature to recognize it right away.

    Of course meanwhile worldwide there are other guitarmakers of all nations who built these kind of Selmer-Copies nowdays for worthwhile and payable prices between 400.- and +/- 5000-10.000.- EUR. On this page we give you an overview of these JM-Guitarmakers with webpages and adresses.