Django Reinhardt – The Painter (2/2)

    Django Reinhardt – The Painter (2/2)

    After his return of his USA-tour that had (in his eyes) failed to be successful, Django had met and played with many famous musicians like Satchmo, Dizzy Gilepie, Duke Ellington, Django Painting 1947

    as well as he had been well mentioned by all critics and papers – nevertheless Django returns rather a bit frustrated and disillusioned.

    Even all big concerts he had played (e. g. in Carnegie Hall or at the big theatres in the Broadway) could not persuade him of the fact that his tour still had been a great success. And thus he had been able to inspire thousands of spectators and which should underpin, his worldwide fame in the end.

    Django Reinhardt - The Painter (2/2)

    Hence, a little bit bitterly he withdrew after his return to France in 1949 more and more of the music scene and stopped completely to play guitar for one year between 1949 to 1950.

    Django Reinhardt - The Painter (2/2)

    The music and the music-scene meanwhile had strongly changed not least caused by the new sound of “Bebop” that swapped from America to Europe.

    And the swing-music that Django had been playing in France during the years before was not asked anymore intense like before.

    So he started to live rather secludedly, went fishing instead of playing, met with his cousins and friends, played Billiards (Django was supossed to be an excellent player of billiards the rumors say!) and – finally he started to paint again, this time very intensely.

    Django devoted himself so intensely into the painting that he even allowed it to be reported that “…he would never ever again play the guitar, instead wants to separate from music and only wanted to paint for good…”.

    It was once more the fault of Charles Delauney that he could convince Django about 1952 to get back to guitar again and after, in the time shortly before his death, once more give some concerts and also recorded some of the best recordings of his whole career in the recording-studio. Among other songs there is also one of his last known and published tunes called “Anouman”, one of his nicest ballads ever.

    Here we show some of his pieces of art, themselves even today are presented as on occasion of his 100th birthday in a big retrospective happened in 2010 in Blois/France, as well as in galleries or museums. (For increasing the pictures click please on the respective picture).

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