Spotify is limiting royalty payments for artists

    Spotify is planning to pay royalties for artist depending on a minimum number of streams. Before it was still unclear what the exact threshold would be. Now it seems that the plan is to limit that to 1000 Streams per year.
    Spotify is limiting royalty payments for artists

    Acccording to the news section of the musicians portal “Backstagepro” the streaming top-dog Spotify wants to limit the payment of royalties from 2024 to a minimum number of 1000 streams per year.

    All artists that are below this limit with their annual streams will fall off the list and – get nothing anymore.

    The plans of the royalty paments are causing trouble between supporters and opponents of those reformations. Opponents blame Spotify to cast out “unfamous” artists by this dis-advantage.

    Supporters say that musicians or Bands with less than 1000 plays per year only loose small amounts of money anyway. Or even wouldn´t receive any payments at all thru their bad Label- or Distributions-Deals.

    Spotify is planning to pay the saved 40 Million Dollars to those Acts, that would receive royalty payments by Spotify thru their streaming numbers, which they receive from the royalty pool that Spotify wants to set up for that sake.

    This is another bad development in the actual music business. Already the pandemic in 2020 caused lots of irritations and trouble. The following energy crisis did the least. Now this new plan by the streaming top-dog Spotify has the potential to kill all efforts of artists worldwide.

    Lets see if Spotify will use its monopole against all the protests that actually subside, and still keep holding on to their plans or reduce it again.

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