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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs) is privatly managed website, dedicated to and with lots of Infos and News and more about the issue of Gypsyjazz (Jazz Manouche, Sintiswing, Sintijazz etc.).

    On this website you can search and find all kinds of interesting information on the style like reading about news, cd-releases or dates from the Gypsyjazz-scene. We have built up the JM-Guitar-Gallery were you can take a look and research for about 2.500+ images about old Gypsyjazz-guitars like Selmer, Busato, Favino and DiMauro. In our article-series Features of original Busato-Guitars, Features of original DiMauro-guitars, Features of original Favino-Guitars and Features of original Selmer-Guitars you may read about the detailed descriptions of these rare guitar-models with images and lots of backgroundinfos.

    Last but not least you may inform yourself about grandmaster Django Reinhardt and his private life, about the JM-history of the music and guitars, as of many infos on how to learn the style plus about our offered  Guitar-workshops and direct sign in if desired.


    he word "JazzManouche" is put together from two words: "Jazz" the english word for this musicstyle.
    "Manouche" is the french word for "Sinti, Gypsies, nomads". In France Gypsies always have been called "Manouches", "Bohemians" or "Sintis". "Jazz-Manouche" is the name for the musicstyle, Jazz that is played by Manouches (Gypsies).

    To spread information and communication between all kinds of users, to interested people (wether musicians or not) in this musicstyle, no matter what nationality.
    Plus spreading acceptance and grow emphasis for JazzManouche, Gypsyjazz, Swing and the music of Sinti and Roma further on thus keeping it alive, but to always stay in respect with the old culture of Sinti/Manouche all the same. The growth of understanding between Manouches and Non-manouche (Gadje) is also one of our explicit goals.


    Nothing! The general use of is completely free.

    The use of Servers and support are pretty cost intensive. if you want to support us with a little donation over Paypal you may send your donation to: payment [at] (please change @ from brackets with no space). Thank you very much!

  was invented in 2007 by Bertino Rodmann who still runs the website today. Himself beeing a musician and guitarrist who plays the style of JazzManouche since the early 1980ies, Bertino had the idea of bringing live a guitar-archive online which contain all important informations of the rare and old Gypsyjazz-Guitars like Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- and DiMauro-Guitars. So he started this website for that purpose at first, building up the JM-Guitar-gallery first with just a few images. started by this idea, adding more and more information around this content.

    Today has become one of the most detailed websites on the net about JazzManouche, Swing and the music of Django Reinhardt, Sinti & Roma offering lots of infos more all around the issue...

    The JM-Guitar-Gallery a very detailed online archive for old and rare Gypsyguitars for research or just to watch for fans of old guitars from Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitars

    If you like to present your own Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitar inside our guitar-gallery with images please send us an eMail with your images (max. 1MB per image as .jpg, .png or .tif) for the certain category.  We will insert your images into our gallery after checking for quality and originality. Please be aware of the fact that there is no claim of releasing your images for sure (e.g. if quality is too weak or else reason) ... we hope you will understand.

    For some reasons we have stopped any JM-Useraccounts on our website. In the past we experienced many problems reported by users who couldnt login for some reasons.

    So we decided to quit any Useraccounts.

    Meanwhile all contents are offered for free to the Community without any logins nessesary.

    The offered Gypsyjazz-Guitar masterclasses will be registered at our partnerwebsite

    We still offer background infos on the masterclasses, but the workshops itself will be hosted and registered at only.

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    If your question is not to be found here, dont hesitate to contact our Webmaster. He will try to help and assist you aytime.