JM-Guitar-Gallery – Maccaferri (other Guitars)

    JM-Guitar-Gallery – Maccaferri (other Guitars)

    Here in this section “ JM-Guitar-Gallery – Maccaferri (other Guitars) “ you´ll find our image archive for other Maccaferri-Guitars, which have been designed but not been build by Mario Maccaferri, thus been proced under his name or his directive by third parties (MAC10 or Ibanez for example).

    The famous Selmer®-Gypsyjazz-Guitar built from 1934-52 are found here.

    The older models of the „Selmer-/Maccaferri-Guitars“ built from 1932-34 you´ll find in the other section ofour JM-Guitar-Gallery – > Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars.

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    Maccaferri (other Guitars)
    In this section we present all kinds of other Maccaferri guitars, that were designed by him but mainly not build by himself but third parties. This includes the famous Maccaferri plastic guitar Model "GA30" and "GA40" as well as some Ibanez and CSL guitar series that Maccaferri initiated in the late 1970 to 80ies.Basically these are Maccaferri guitars as they were designed and built by Mario Maccaferri or in his name. Actually as those guitars never gained real big sales success, their production was quit pretty fast after they have been on the market.(All guitars are sorted ascending with Serial Numbers or date of build). All images remain © copyright of their respective owners.

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