JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer Guitars

    JM-Guitar-Gallery - Selmer Guitars

    Here in this section ” JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer Guitars ” you´ll find our image archive of the famous Selmer® Guitars built from 1934-52.

    The older models of ” Selmer- / Maccaferri-Guitars ” built from 1932-34 you´ll find inside the other section JM-Guitar-Gallery – > Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars (1932-34) .

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    Selmer Guitars (1934-52)
    This is the section for Selmer Guitars built by famous luthier Mario Maccaferri for the Selmer® company. In this section we present the guitars "Model Jazz" with the typical O-hole as well as others that were built after he had left the company, starting mid 1934. The older models "Orchestre" and "Hawaiian" (mostly recognized as "THE Maccaferri guitars") are presented in the other section "Maccaferri Guitars" below.(All guitars are sorted ascending with Serial Numbers or date of build). All images remain © copyright of their respective owners.
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