JM-Guitar-Gallery – Rare Gypsy-(Jazz-)Guitars

    JM-Guitar-Gallery - Rare Gypsy-(Jazz-)Guitars

    Here in this section “ JM-Guitar-Gallery – Rare Gypsy-(Jazz-)Guitars “ you´ll find our image archive for other rare Gypsyjazz-Guitars of different brands built by franco-sicilianian luthiers (Bucolo, Busato, Couesnon, Carbonell, Gerome, Reali, Jacobacci a.o.m.).

    As well as other instruments that have been built of these makers but have been sold under other labels such as Sonora, Paris Musical or Paul Beuscher.

    Here in this section we solely show those kind of Gypsy-(Jazz-)Guitars which dont belong into the other categories of brands.

    If you search for images of those, for example the „Favino Model No.10“ or other „Selmer-style“-Guitars please check the approbiate categories of our JM-Guitar-Gallery.

    Other rare Gypsyguitars
    This is the section for all kinds of other rare Gypsyjazz-guitars from franco-sicilian origin (Buccolo, Couesnon, Carbonell, Gerome, Sonora, Paul Beuscher, Reali a.o.m.). Here we list all kinds of guitars from different luthiers. Only criteria in this section: they are rare and/or outstanding guitars and models.(All guitars are sorted ascending date of build as they have no Serial numbers, unlike Selmer or Favino guitars). All images remain © copyright of their respective owners.
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