New eBook: “JM-Scales-Book”

    The new eBook “JM-Scales-book” is available for download for about 19,90€.

    New eBook: "JM-Scales-Book

    On 30 pages “JM-Scales-book” all nessesary Infos on scales will be provided, especially those who are interesting to use on the guitar in “Jazz-Manouche” or Gypsyjazz”. Included are many examples for the practical use of those.
    The new eBook (only for download) contains 20+ scales, beginning with standards like major- and minor-Scales as well as altered-, (half-)disminished-, mixolydian-, super or ultra-locrian scales.

    The ebook closes up with more “exotic”-scales which are also interesting for beeing utilized in (Gypsy-)Jazz, like the Gypsy-minor- or the spanish Gypsy-scale, the hungarian major- and minor-Scales, the romanian minor-Scale as well as an oriental-Scale and the wholetone-scale.

    This essential scale-guide is a great tool to develop and find new inspiration for soloing and evolving your skills!

    Get you copy today…!

    New eBook: "JM-Scales-Book"

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