JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer (other Guitars)

    JM-Guitar-Gallery - Selmer (other Guitars)

    Here in this section ” JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer (other Guitars) ” you´ll find our image archive of other Selmer®-Guitars, models which mostly NOT have been built by Mario Maccaferri, but have been sold under the label “SELMER” by the Selmer Company (built since 1953 mostly in England or Düsseldorf/Germany). These are models like classical-, Western- or other types of electrical Guitars.

    The famous Selmer®-Jazz-Guitars built from 1934-52 are in this section. The older makings of
    Selmer-/Maccaferri-Guitars” built from 1932-34 you´ll find here in the JM-Guitar-Gallery – > Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars.

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    Selmer Guitars (Others)
    This is the section for other Selmer Guitars, those who were NOT built by famous luthier Mario Maccaferri for the Selmer® company. In this section we present all types of other guitars (Nylon, Dreadnought etc) that also have been produced by the Selmer® company over the years, mostly in the UK after 1952. All images remain © copyright of their respective owners.

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