skype-Lessons with Bertino

skype-Lessons with Bertino

skype-Lessons with Bertino

You like to learn JazzManouche-Guitar but cannot come to my place?

skype-Lessons with Bertino

For some students it is just too far to come for lessons to my place or to any masterclass, especially when you life in another country.

Well, here comes the solution: take your private skype Guitarlessons for “Jazz-Manouche” with Bertino!

How does it work?

skype-Lessons with Bertino

Registering and payment is very easy: you just register on the page filling up the form, entering your personal information and data as well as the wanted amount of lessons/hours.

After sending off the form i´ll get in touch with you to negotiate the exact parameters like days, daytime and exact hour. As well as your goals in taking the lessons…

To sum up the registration you have to pay the negotiated lessons directly online via Paypal. For that purpose i´ll send you a link that redirects you to the external website of Paypal, where you may send your payment (possible with a paypal account or as credit card payment).

As soon as the payment has been received on my bankaccount the skype-lessons can take place as negotiated. Here you may read a short overview again for the rules of the online skype-lessons.

The rules

the skype-lessons take place according to these common rules:

  • the student has been registering in advance on the website form by entering all nessesary data and mailed it off
  • all lessons have been negotiated in advance via phone, skype, WhatsApp or email and thus have been fixed and confirmed from my side in written form
  • students need to fullfill the following technical requirements: a working computer or tablet with a registered and functioning skype-Video-Conncection and skype-account, a fast Internet-connection (DSL or better) and a functioning Instrument (Steelstring-, Jazz-, or Selmer-(copy)guitar
  • the student needs to fullfill all the rules of the Terms & Conditions, which are part of the contract and need to be read carefully and accepted
  • the student has been totally paying all negotiated hours and lessons in advance via Paypal
  • by that it is obliged for me to be present online for all negotiated hours and times for the lessons until the contract has been fullfilled from my side. For that purpose you will receive a written and signed contract via eMail containing all parameters.
  • you may choose from different lesson packages: 4, 8 or 12 hours of lesson packs (of course more lessons are always bookable as well).

Here you may download the terms & conditions for skype-Lessons incl. the right of revocation acc. to BGB §312c.

What are you waiting for? You may register with minutes and we can start to work your skype-lessons with me. Register here

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