JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars

    JM-Guitar-Gallery - Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars

    Hier in diesem Abschnitt “ JM-Guitar-Gallery – Selmer/Maccaferri Guitars “ findest Du unser Bildarchiv zu den berühmten Selmer®/Maccaferri Gitarren der Baujahre 1932-34.

    Die späteren Baujahre 1934-52 findest Du in unserer anderen Sektion der JM-Guitar-Gallery unter -> “ Selmer Guitars (1934-52)„.

    Weitere Maccaferri Gitarren findest Du in unserem anderen Bereich “ JM-Guitar-Gallery – Maccaferri (other Guitars) „. Dies sind Instrumente die von Mario Maccaferri nach seinem Weggang von der Firma Selmer gebaut hat oder in seinem Auftrag bauen liess.

    (Zum Ansehen bitte ein Instrument wählen und doppelklicken):

    Maccaferri Guitars (1932-34)
    This section shows the typical early "Model Orchestre" and "Hawaiian" Maccaferri D-hole guitars. Basically these are Selmer guitars as they were designed and built by Mario Maccaferri for the Selmer® company as the first Gypsyjazz guitars. Later on followed the "Model Jazz" with the small O-hole, which were also designed by him as well, but were built after he had left the company starting around mid 1934. We show these models in the separate "Selmer" section above. (All guitars are sorted ascending with Serial Numbers or date of build). All images remain © copyright of their respective owners.
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