Festival Django Reinhardt – Edition 2023

    The “Festival Django Reinhardt” in Edition 2023 has revealed its dates:
    17./18.06.2023 in Samois-sur Seine and 22.-25.06.2023 in Fontainebleau.

    Festival Django Reinhardt - Edition 2023

    First time in history of the Festival now it will be held on 2 days in advance in Samois-sur-Seine as a “small venue” Festival. The “big stages” at Fontainebleau´s castle parks will be celebrated the following wednesday thru sunday.

    Because of the more and more changed programmation towards “Mainstream-Jazz” of the Festival on one hand, and the nevertheless big demand for Jazz-Manouche on the other, the Festival makers divide the Festival now into two seperate venues.

    While the big stages in Fontainebleau will be, if at all, will be filled with Jazz-Manouche then it is the Superstars that are up stage, so to say the Headliners of the scene like Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene, Tschawolo Schmitt aom. This way the festival tries to satistfy the wish of the fans for more Jazz-Manouche with thoe more little venues in downtown Samois. At least.
    The critic on the programmation of the years before and the acting of the Festivalmakers in this decision has been raising for years more and more, as less and less Jazz-Manouche has been presented on the stages of Fontainebleau in the style of Django Reinhardt in the past.

    Now it seems they try to get into the spagate between becoming a commercial mainstream Festival one hand and the wish for more Jazz-Manouche on the other. Therefore in a more little sourrounding.

    The actual Programmation of the “big Festival” (22.-25.06.23) reads like follows:

    Festival Django Reinhardt - Edition 2023

    More Infos and Tickets for the Festival on their Website: FESTIVAL DJANGO REINHARDT

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