CD-Review: “Django´s Tiger”

    CD-Review: “Django´s Tiger”

    The guys playing on this album are no newcomers at all on the gypsy jazz scene. Foremost the bassplayer Jan Jankeje who already played with Bireli Lagrene in the 90ies recording CDs with him.

    CD-Review: "Django´s Tiger"

    But also the other two musicians Yorgui Loeffler (Git.) and Mano Guttenberger (Git.) are well known. Guitarrist Yorgui Loffler origins from the famous alsacian Sintifamily, also known by Accordionist Marcel Loeffler and Singer Jonathan Loeffler.

    Mano Guttenberger is known as a great guitarrist who together with his brother Knebo on vocals recorded CDs with the Guttenberger Brother´s and the Zigeli Winter Quartett.

    Initiated by bassplayer Jan Jankeje the Trio presents a new Album with the title “Django´s Tiger”. On the album 13 tunes, which 12 of them are covers of known Jazztunes like “Them there eyes”, “Night and day” or “Sunny”. Only the last tune “Zum Trotz” is an original song written by Jan Jankeje.

    Excerpt of the ad-text of the CD:

    “Strongly inspired by Django Reinhardt they create a fascinating and authentic sound. The individual musical spirit full of spontaneity and ideas always inspires the audience. Music for the heart s beeing played here, originating in the pure fun of digging to just play good music!”

    (Adtext Album “Djanos Tiger”)

    This analysis can only be confirmed. Especially the solopiece “First of Fury” played by Mano Guttenberger touches the heart. All the other songs come on with a lot of energy and fun of play, as you would expect from these great musicians.

    The three get backed up on the album by female singer Sabine Zimmermann which adds two tunes with her round, soft voice (“A dream is in your heart” and “Fly me to the moon”). And also by Magnolio Loeffler (Yorgui´s son) who also adds two tracks on the album “A dream is in your heart” and “J´attendrai” on vocals, both tunes are presented in the typical french Chanson-like style.

    A nice round Album, which will give a lot of fun listening to friends of traditional Gypsyjazz!

    Jan Jankeje – doublebass
    Mano Guttenberger – guitar
    Yorgui Loeffler – guitar

    Sabine Zimmermann – vocal (2, 5)
    Magnio Loeffler – vocal (2, 7)
    Stefan Koschitzki – saxophone (1, 12, 13)

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