For sale: Castellucia D-hole DeLuxe (1946/47)

    For sale:  Castellucia D-hole DeLuxe (1946/47)

    For sale from destock of a collection:
    Castellucia, D-hole “DeLuxe”, Bj. 1946/47

    Very good condition, small dings and dongs according to its age.

    This guitar is an absolute rarity and one of very few instruments that i have ever seen built in this way. Probably it has been a custom made guitar on special order.

    The top is made from massive spruce, the back and sides made of beautifully grained (probably) Cocobolo wood. The fretboard has 23 frets and is made of ebony. The three-piece neck probably from maple with an inlay stripe of rosewood and ebony. It is well playable with a 4mm heights at 12th fret.

    The top and backside is strongly bent, similar to modern Archtop-Jazzguitars. This is a very rare making and only to be found else on Busato guitars of the same age. Actually this i no real surprise as Jacques Castellucia has been working in the Busato workshops between 1940-49, where some high classy DeLuxe-Model have been made with similar fine made inlays and decorations.

    The guitar is highly decorated at the head and sound hole with beautiful inlays of gemstones (probably quartz or Circonias), colorfully art crafted. Some few of the gemstones have fallen off and are missing. The bindings made of solid wood show wonderful fine patterns.

    The tailpiece seems to be original, at least in comparison to other Castellucia guitars of the same age.

    Regrettably the tunes have been changed at some point (maybe where broken). They have been replaced with good looking and exact working modern golden OpenSchaller tuners. As there is no other guitar to compare this unique instrument, it is unclear wich kind tuners were installed originally. But because this guitar is a true highly priced DeLuxe-guitar, it is well guessable that SB-tuners might have been installed once which have been used on many of these old guitars of that era.

    All in all the guitar is in good condition compared to its age. Of course it has signs of use, but no serious damages (such as cracks or else).

    The guitar has a wonderful warm powerful authentic tone, such as expected from a DeLuxe guitar of that kind.

    This absolute rarity is a unique „one-of-a-kind“ guitar and probably the only one of very few still existing instruments of this kind of this great luthier.

    A wonderful collectors item in a real great state according to its age.

    6300.-€ inkl. Koffer + Versand (innerhalb BRD).

    Bei Interesse Kontakt hier.

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