Destock of Guitar-Collection

    Destock of Guitar-Collection, the following instruments are actually on private sale:

    1. SELMER, Eddie Freeman Tenor guitar, rosewood (1935), 6.500.-€
    2. Jacques CASTELLUCIA, D-hole Deluxe, Makassar, (1945-46), 6.300.-€
    3. Jacques FAVINO, “Model 2B”, (1956), 2.100.-€
    4. Gino JANELLI, “Standard Modell Favino”, cherry tree (2019), 2350.-€
    5. Gino JANELLI, “Modele Titi Bamberger”, Rio Palisandre (2002), 3200.-€
    6. Gino JANELLI, “Modele Favino Mercedes”, Tiger maple (2018), 3200.-€
    7. DiMAURO “Modell Parlor”, original hardcase, (1940-42), 1200.-€
    8. DiMAURO “Mandoline”, Joseph Di Mauro (Sohn), (1938/40), 480.-€

    all prices are negotiable including free shipping (within Germany). Please ask for shipping cost to your country. Payment solely via Paypal (PP-account or credit card).
    Prices may be negotiated in a fair range. The instruments are solely sold FROM private TO private hands, an invoice (only without tax) is possible to send.

    At interest on some of the instruments please contact here. Please be sure to ask for the detailed instrument in question that you are interested in.

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