For sale: Selmer “Eddie Freeman”

    For sale:  Selmer "Eddie Freeman"

    For sale: Selmer „Model Eddie Freeman Special“ 4-string Tenor Guitar, #334, Bj. 1935

    Very good condition. 2 old (repaired) cracks on the top, some little dings and dongs according to its age. Original Selmer tuners („S“), original tailpiece, Label with serial no. #334.

    At the rear behind the endpin there is a piece of light colored wood which is placed over the rosewood to cover an older repair, that is 5-6 cm diameter on the upside of the endpin. On the head plate is the engraved traditional SELMER Logo as well as „Eddie Freeman Special“. All those things are listed in the great SELMER-book by Francois Charle (see images below) and proof the origin of this guitar on sale.

    Those Selmer Tenor guitars were built in the early 1930ies and were equipped with 4-strings. Excerpt from the SELMER-book (F. Charle / Paris):

    „The body has the same dimensions as that of the 6-string Orchestre Model. The internal bracing is identical , having 4 transverse struts, but the top is considerably less thick. There is no internal soundbox, but the D-shaped hole remains the same. The tailpiece is the same to other models but with the outer 2 string studs left off.
    The label is rectangular and glued inside of the back. „Orchestra“ is hand written in the box on the right, on the left it says 334, on top „Selmer Paris“. The neck is a 4-string type joins the body at the 12th fret and has a scale lengths of 64cm which is identical to the 6-string sister model. The headstock is in traditional classical style. Above the SELMER trademark is engraved „Eddie Freeman Special“.

    A good many of the Eddie Freeman Models were manufactured, the numbers may be estimated around 100 or maybe slightly more. The guitar is listed in the list of serial numbers. It is mentioned there as number 334, Guitar Freeman, buyer Music shop Birger-Steiner, Stockholm, and date of manufacture is 19th july 1935.

    This is a wonderful collectors item in a great state according to its age.

    6500.-€ incl. case + shipping (ask for shipping cost to your country).

    If interested for a fair offer contact here.

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