CD-Review: David & Danino Weiss – The new Gypsy Sound

    David & Danino Weiss – The new Gypsy Sound feat. Bireli Lagrene & Stochelo Rosenberg

    Within one year the two outstanding musicians David & Danino Weiss present their second CD, “The new Gypsy Sound” feat. Bireli Lagrene & Stochelo Rosenberg and some more guest musicians like famous Hono Winterstein (RytmGit), Wolfgang Lackerschmid (Vibraphone), Alexander Haas (Bass) and Xaver Hellmer (Drums).

    And one can say that the name of the album is definately program here.
    With those two worldclass guitarrists Bireli Lagrene & Stochelo Rosenberg the musicians David (Accordeon) & Danino Weiss (Piano) invite real world stars into the studio to record for their Album.
    But even without those two greats, the two key-players David & Danino present themselfes with fresh new ideas, own arrangements and honor themselfes most of all by all that.
    Yet though the two woldclass guitarrists help to avoid a strong “key heavyness” on that album throwing in their magic strings in between.

    The CD contains 10 tunes, with “Gypsy Keys”, My thought at midnight”, “Sourire” some couple of original compositions (by Danino & David), well known Gypsyjazz-classics like “Claire de Lune” (Joseph Kosma) or “Douce Ambiance” (Django Reinhardt), as well as other Jazzclassics by Charles Aznavour (“Je aime Paris au mois de mai”) and Hans Hammerschmidt (“Für mich solls rote Rosen regnen”) and one final tune added by Stochelo Rosenberg (“Miro tata Mimer”).

    The blend mix of tunes is absolutely well done, modern in sound, but the more with deepness and fun of playing as well.

    CD-Review: David & Danino Weiss - The new Gypsy Sound

    One of the real highlights of the CD is the song “Clair de lune”, where Bireli Lagrene once more prooves why he is considered to be one of the best guitarrists that is alive at the moment.
    The real silence and quietness of his interpretation of this wonderful tune shows his real class. Now on the tune “Gypsy Keys” Danino as also David Weiss show off their real class in improvisation.

    Creative virtuosity with added fun of playing shows their real technical finesse on highest level. And as well they show their class in composing their own tunes like Danino on “My thought at midnight”, that reminds to the great classics of a great like Bill Evans or Thelenious Monk, just wonderful!

    While in “Sourire” David is at centerfold with his accordion and shows really virtous how fine and sophisticated one may play such an instrument. Really rare that a more “classical” instrument may sound so modern and virtuos “jazzy”.

    In “Watch what happens” by Michel Legrande Jazz-as-Jazz-can is programm again with the real positive addition of Bireli Lagrene´s guitar play wich integrates just perfectly into the modern sound of the two main protagonists.

    All in all a very modern Album. Maybe not the real thing for a fan of the “classical” gypsy sound of the “Quintette du HotClub de France“.

    But much more it is the proove of how a more modern jazz sound develops and that Sintis dont limit themselfes to the more “classical Gypsysound” of their great idols like Django Reinhardt and the Quintette sound… Its a well sign of a new self conciousness of Sintis today, beeing creative modern Jazzmusicians of highest levels, from the few that we have here in germany at the moment.

    Our Tipp – buy it, but be careful: beautiful music ahead!

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